Wrong-Way Car Crashes Continue To Affect the Tampa Bay Area

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Wrong-Way Car Crashes Continue To Affect the Tampa Bay Area

If you’re a resident in the Tampa Bay area, then you know that wrong-way crashes continue to plague our community. Wrong-way crashes happen when a driver accidentally steers their vehicle into the wrong direction, resulting in a collision with cars traveling in the correct direction. Wrong-way collisions often happen because of driver error, drunk driving, or poor road design. Many of these wrong-way car crashes end with people being killed. A recent and tragic example of this happening in the Tampa Bay area occurred in early March of 2021 when Master Patrol Officer Jesse Madsen of the Tampa Police Department gave his life in the line of duty by veering into the path of a wrong-way driver to protect others on the road. The wrong-way driver, identified as being Daniel Joshua Montague, was also killed in the collision. 

In the wake of such devastating events, consulting a Tampa car accident lawyer can be a crucial step for victims and families seeking guidance and justice.

Tampa Bay’s Response: Wrong-Way Detection Systems 

Since 2014, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been installing wrong-way detection systems. These systems act as preventative measures against wrong-way car crashes all around the Tampa Bay area. These wrong-way detection systems include radar detection that goes off if a driver gets onto the interstate going the wrong way. The radar detection also sets off flashing lights to caution other drivers on the road and alerts the Florida Highway Patrol. 

FDOT spokesperson Kris Carson says: “The goal is to have pretty much everything covered on I-275 north of I-4. And we prioritize these ramps based on their geometricity; if they are possibly confusing to motorists, by crash data that we have, if they are near a lot of bars and restaurants, and entertainment venues where we know there could be some drunk driving arrests.” 

Because wrong-way crashes don’t only happen on the interstate, the FDOT says that they have installed safety measures on other roads as well. FDOT spokesperson Carson says: “We are adding additional pavement markings, more signage. We are looking at businesses where people are coming out of driveways and medians to make sure there is no confusion.” 

The FDOT reports that they have a project starting in April 2021 that will have more safety measures added to several more exits from Fowler Avenue all the way to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, with even more locations coming in 2022.

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