Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Tampa

Side-impact, or T-bone, truck accidents occur when a tractor-trailer crashes into the side of another vehicle or vice versa. Any accident involving a large commercial truck is likely to cause severe damages. However, T-bone crashes often lead to life-altering injuries or fatalities.

After this type of accident, you may be suffering from overwhelming physical pain, emotional trauma, and financial strain. If the tractor-trailer operator was at fault for the crash, you can hold them responsible for your losses. Our dedicated lawyers at Hancock Injury Attorneys can support you after a side-impact truck accident in Tampa.

Why Are T-Bone Truck Collisions So Severe?

The sides of most vehicles do not provide much protection from impact compared to the front or back. Consequently, a T-bone accident can cause devastating injuries and serious damage to your car. When a side-impact collision involves a truck, the consequences can become even more severe.

Due to their weight, tractor-trailers can strike a passenger car with a significant amount of force. The impact of a T-bone crash could even cause a smaller car to roll over. No matter the situation, the occupants of the car are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries than the truck operator.

Additionally, a side-impact collision with a truck is likely to total your car. Our attorneys understand the significance of these types of accidents and can ensure you get the compensation you need.

What Are Common Injuries Resulting From A Side-Impact Accident?

When a truck strikes a vehicle on either side, the driver and occupants may be prone to significant injuries. Every accident is different, but the common injuries associated with T-bone truck crashes in Tampa include:

A lawyer well versed in these types of cases can help you determine the potential value of your legal claim based on the severity of your injuries.

Liability In A Side-Impact Accident In Tampa

State law requires all drivers to purchase a no-fault insurance plan known as personal injury protection (PIP). This type of coverage should provide injured parties with compensation no matter who is liable for the accident. Before filing a lawsuit, you must use your PIP policy to cover medical expenses until the policy limit is reached.

If your no-fault insurance does not fully cover your losses, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the other party based on negligence. A lawsuit can help you recover compensation for all your economic and non-economic losses. However, you must prove the other party is negligent to succeed with your case. Common acts of negligence include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to adhere to traffic signals
  • Failure to yield

A skilled lawyer can help you gather the evidence necessary to prove the other party is liable for your side-impact truck collision.

How Can A Tampa Lawyer Help You After A Side-Impact Truck Accident?

To succeed in a side-impact truck collision case, you must conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, secure information that is not easily accessible, and draft complex legal documents. It can be challenging to handle this legal process without proper guidance.

Our lawyers have experience with side-impact truck accidents in Tampa and can take the lead in your case while you focus on your medical treatment. Reach out to Hancock Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation!

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