Tampa Shoulder and Knee Injury Lawyer

Arm and shoulder injuries can result from many different types of accidents. It’s perfectly natural to brace yourself in a car crash or to stick out your arm to break a fall. As a result, your wrist, elbow or shoulder can bear the brunt of the catastrophic injury.

There are many different types of arm and shoulder injuries. Some can result in a few weeks of discomfort before they heal. Others can result in permanent impairment.

For example, injuries to ligaments that connect one bone to another can lead to shoulder separations and loss of stability of the joint. A torn rotator cuff can lead to shoulder weakness that can affect your work and your ability to do the things you enjoy. A wrist or elbow injury can lead to chronic tendinitis.

Any time you suffer an arm or shoulder injury, it’s important to seek proper medical care and to follow the treatment recommendations of your doctor. If you fail to seek treatment or fail to follow up on your doctor’s treatment plan, the insurance company will not take your personal injury claim seriously.

By keeping a diary of your recovery and what you can and cannot do, you will create a record of how the injury has affected you. The best outcome in any personal injury case is a full recovery of your health and your life. If the injury results in ongoing discomfort and loss of function, our Tampa shoulder and knee injury lawyers could hold the insurance company of the at-fault party responsible for the damages you have suffered. Call right away to get started.

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