Car Accident Under Surveillance

Video Transcript:

I’m Mike Hancock and today I want to talk a little bit about surveillance. I get a lot of questions from my clients and they’re always wondering whether to expect that the insurance company is sending someone out to take video of them in their neighborhood at their house or maybe at the shopping center or doing some type of sporting event. So what I tell my clients nowadays is you know don’t really be worried about surveillance that much and the reason you don’t need to be worried about surveillance is because there’s a new way to obtain surveillance on you and that is through social media. Through Facebook through Instagram through snapchat through Twitter you’re essentially providing the insurance company and the defense attorney with surveillance footage. That is the way surveillance is done nowadays and if you don’t have your Facebook or other social media platforms set to private they are definitely going to be getting on as soon as you make a claim and looking through all of your social media posts to determine whether you are out there doing things that you have told your doctors you cannot do and that’s what hurts your case this is Mike Hancock with Hancock injury attorneys if you have any other questions go to our website it would give me a call website is

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