Tampa Police’s Hotshots For Charity Event

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Tampa Police’s Hotshots For Charity Event

Something that we feel strongly about here at Hancock Injury Attorneys is giving back to the community we live and work in. One of the things we do is support the Tampa Police Department in their effort to keep Tampa and the surrounding communities safe. This past weekend we participated in & helped sponsor Rise Tampa’s (The Tampa police’s foundation) “Hotshots for Charity” event. At the event, our team of four as well as the rest of the teams shot sporting clays to try to get the most points, with winners awarded at the end of the event. Police Chief Eric Ward and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn had teams vying for the win as well!

The Tampa Police Department’s District 1 Team came out on top with the highest overall score. But no matter who won, we are glad that we and the rest of the participants could support the following worthwhile charity organizations:


“Investing in the success of our young people goes hand-in-hand with strengthening relationships and sustaining a safe city. Thanks to donations from our community, the Tampa Police Department Chief’s Scholarship Fund provides annual scholarships to assist 10 high school seniors with pursuing their dreams of a higher education at a college or technical school. Your generous donation and small investment in our youth has the ability to make a tremendous impact in our community.”


“Rise Tampa will start its work where the city budget stops. It will ensure officers are receiving the latest training, safety equipment and using cutting edge technology to keep our citizens safe while providing growth opportunities to our most underprivileged children. When people need help, they can always rely on the Tampa Police Department to respond in full force. The budget provides the agency with all the basic tools needed to receive 911 calls and to respond swiftly to those in crisis. During the recent recession, Mayor Bob Buckhorn ensured budget cuts never reduced the number of officers patrolling our city streets. However, the agency was forced to cut back on training and purchasing the latest technology and safety equipment available in the crime fight. As a result, advanced training and specialized technology is often beyond our grasp.”


“The purpose of the Tampa Police Pistol Team is to promote firearms safety, awareness, and proficiency training. We strive to help the community and law enforcement better enjoy the shooting sports while handling firearms in a safe manner. We use competitive shooting sports as a means to interact with other members of law enforcement and the community. This exposure provides a learning environment for all involved. These experiences are then utilized to provide more efficient training to Tampa officers resulting in enhanced officer abilities to keep the communities they serve a safer place to live.”