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Bicycle Safety Tips: How to Avoid a Bike Accident

person riding their bike in the bike lane
Florida cyclists know how important helmets are for biking safety. However, there is much more to staying safe on a bicycle than just wearing a helmet. There are many precautions cyclists can take to avoid common bicycle accidents that cause serious injuries.

Responsible Riding

The main safety goal when bicycling is to avoid getting hit by a car. Car and bike accidents usually occur as a car pulls out of a side street, parking lot or driveway directly into the path of the biker. Accidents also commonly occur when a cyclist stops at a red light. After the light turns green, the cyclist goes forward and is hit by a car that is turning right. Cyclists can avoid this scenario by stopping behind cars instead of to the right of them.

Bicyclists are advised to make themselves as visible as possible to avoid colliding with cars.

Tips to remember

Keeping these bicycle safety tips in mind will help reduce preventable accidents.

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