Rainy Day Safety While Driving

Spring and summer showers may be refreshing in the hotter months, but wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million vehicle accidents each year. You may be a very safe driver, driving defensively and obeying all traffic laws. Unfortunately, that’s no guarantee that other drivers are doing the same. If you must drive on a rainy day, keep your trips to a minimum to reduce the chances of being involved in a collision. Also check before leaving to see if flooding, road closures, or accidents affect your route. BEFORE YOU LEAVE While safe driving is important, there are things you can... Read More

Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can result in a diverse array of injuries. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, slip and fall accidents affect over one million people per year in the United States. A simple trip on a carpet at work or slip on a broken tile at the supermarket may lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills, weeks of physical therapy, or a trip to the hospital. Disabilities due to such incidents can create an avalanche of financial and emotional stress. It is important to understand potential injuries and the common causes of slip and... Read More

Safely Reaching Your Vacation Destination

Summer travel can be an exciting time, but with more people on the roadways comes an increased risk of vehicle accidents. You can greatly reduce your risk of serious injury or death by taking simple precautions. Get plenty of rest before you leave, focus on the road at all times, and avoid alcohol consumption until you’ve reached your final destination. Safe Driving Tips to Always Use Excessive speed is a factor in over 30 percent of fatal car accidents. The faster you are driving, the less time you have to react to an emergency situation. For instance, if two cars... Read More

How to Prove an Auto Accident Case

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and are filing a lawsuit against the other party, it is your responsibility to show that the allegations you are making are true. You should gather as much evidence as possible, including photographs, witness statements, and medical bills. This evidence will help support your claim that the other driver was at fault and that you experienced injury and damages as a result. This responsibility to substantiate your claims is called the Burden of Proof. Evidence at the Scene You should always call the police if you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident,... Read More

May is National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate the healthy lifestyle that bicycling promotes. It is also a good time to review safe bicycling practices so that bike riding can be a safe, enjoyable experience. Although a recreational activity for many, bicycling is still a form of transportation. Sharing the roads with motorists, including distracted drivers and large trucks, can be dangerous. However, by following the safety tips below, the risk of serious injury or death can be significantly reduced. The League of American Bicyclists established National Bike Month as an opportunity to promote education, safety,... Read More

May is Motorcycle Safety Month

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injury and death when involved in an accident. The small size and open-nature of a motorcycle provide little protection in the event of a collision or fall. Although risks are high for motorcycle riders, utilizing safe riding practices dramatically reduces those risks. As the official “Motorcycle Safety Month,” May is an excellent time to educate the public on safety tips for motorcycle riders and those they share the road with. Wear a Helmet Head injuries are the most common cause of death in fatal motorcycle accidents. Although this has been a fact as long... Read More

How to Proceed When Injured by a Driver with No Insurance

When you suffer injuries in a car accident in which another driver is at fault, you expect their insurance company to cover your property damage, medical bills, and other losses. However, what if the other driver does not have insurance? Then what do you do? No-Fault Insurance Coverage under Florida Law Under Florida law, insurance carriers are required to provide a minimum of $10,000 in no-fault coverage to their policyholders. This coverage, called personal injury protection (PIP), provides compensation in the event that the at-fault driver does not have an auto liability insurance policy. With PIP, your insurance company is... Read More

Hip Pain After an Accident: What it Could Mean

After a car accident, your body might have suffered trauma, even if you do not see any immediate injuries. However, the shock of the impact can cause residual effects to your body, including injury to one or both hips. Symptoms of Hip Pain After an Accident Your hips carry much of your body’s weight. Hip pain symptoms after a car accident can vary greatly. They might include, but are not limited to, generalized intense pain; difficulty moving; pain in the back, groin, or legs; pinched nerves in the lower back; limping; throbbing pain in the upper legs and knee pain.... Read More

Spring Safety Rules for Pedestrians

As springtime peeks her head out from underneath the snow, the rest of the world seems to follow suit. People who have been trapped indoors for months are ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures. Bikers and walkers take to the streets in search of exercise and fresh air. With the warmer weather comes various dangers for almost anyone on the road. However, several safety tips can help keep you safe on the roads no matter if you are walking, biking, or driving. Pedestrians While pedestrians must follow the laws of the road, nearly everyone has seen someone walking and texting... Read More

How to Document a Slip-and-Fall Case

After a slip-and-fall accident, you might wonder if you are responsible or if the property owner or manager can be held liable, especially if unsafe conditions existed that caused your fall. The dangers of these incidents cannot be underestimated as at least one study shows that eight million people annually need to go to the emergency room due to a fall, with one million ER visits due to a slip and fall. The Prevalence of Slip-and-Fall Injuries A slip-and-fall accident can occur almost anywhere – at home, work, school, or while playing. Common locations for accidents include grocery stores, offices,... Read More
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