December Personal Injury News

Personal Injury News Of The Week, December 2

Road Rage, Christmas Safety & Driverless Tampa Shuttle – December Personal Injury News Driverless Shuttles in Downtown Tampa Tampa got its first look at driverless electric shuttles that are coming to downtown. The demonstrations were part of the Florida Automated Vehicle Summit that took place in Tampa this past week. Will you be riding in one
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race and gender affects personal injury cases

How Race and Gender Might Affect Your Injury Case

Race, Gender and Injury Settlements… Oh My. Recently the Washington Post published an article that takes personal injury law, and puts it under a microscope. It takes a look at a handful of cases and takes into account researched statistics to discuss how the legal system uses race and gender to determine how much compensation
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driving and medical marijuana

Driving and Medical Marijuana

What are the laws: Driving & Medical Marijuana? With the recent victory of Amendment 2 in Florida, comes the legalization of medical marijuana for patients with certain debilitating illness. Exactly how this new law will be implemented is still in the works, but is set to take effect in January. Medical marijuana will be available
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Turkey Deep-Frying Safety

10 Safety Tips for Deep-Frying a Turkey

Turkey Deep-Frying Safety Deep-Frying a turkey is definitely one of the most popular and delicious ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately it can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. Dozens of these accidents happen around the country every single year. Most of the accidents occur due to oil getting to hot, trying fry
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change lawyers

Can I Change Lawyers In The Middle Of A Lawsuit?

Can I change car accident attorneys if I am not happy with my current one? This is a question we often get from curious callers to our office and we want to clear up some confusion. First, know that you’re the boss. If at any time you’re not happy with your current lawyer,  you have
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10 WORST Toys for Christmas 2016

10 Dangerous Toys in 2016 Children’s toys: you think you would have nothing to worry about right? Wrong. Though there is some regulation, unfortunately many toys you see in stores this holiday season, should be chosen with an abundance of caution. “World Against Toys Causing Harm” (WATCH) is non-profit organization that’s mission is to educate
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“Self-Driving” Does Not Quite Mean “Self-Driving”

The True Meaning of Self-Driving Cars You have probably heard about self-driving or autonomous vehicles more and more lately. With so much news coming out about autonomous vehicles, sorting what is true and what is false can be confusing. First things first, no you still cannot plug in point A and point B and have your
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