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Since founding Hancock Law Firm in 1996, Mike Hancock has recovered millions of dollars in damages for thousands of clients in all types of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall, trip and fall and falling merchandise claims.

Hancock Law Firm is different from other firms.

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We know how to recover your medical bills and lost wages.

•     We focus on putting more money in your pocket.  We don’t charge a “file set-up fee” nor do we charge our clients unnamed and unspecified “administrative costs.”  We are careful with advanced costs associated with your case and work hard to keep those costs to a minimum.

•     Our experience doesn’t cost you more.   For the same contingency fee percentage as hiring that less experienced lawyer, with hiring Mike Hancock, you get over 25 years of personal injury law experience with an AV-Preeminent attorney.  It’s all the same contingency fee percentage.

•    Our Tampa car accident attorneys at the Hancock Law Firm, save you time so you can focus on healing and getting on with your life.  We deal with the insurance adjusters, doctor’s offices, medical billing offices and all the other time consuming things necessary to prepare your case.

•    Unlike most large personal injury law firms, you won’t meet with a legal assistant or an investigator, employees of those firms who are unlicensed to practice law.  You will meet with, be advised on Florida law, and be represented by AV-Preeminent rated attorney Mike Hancock.

•     You benefit from our investigative team of accident reconstructionists, economists, engineers, vocational rehabilitation experts, medical experts and nursing experts.  We are a small, unique personal injury law firm, but we have the financial resources to fully present your damages using as many experts as needed.

•     Hancock Law Firm’s record of success benefits you.  The insurance companies rate attorneys who face them and those attorneys with a long track record of success get better results for their clients -  whether your case goes to trial or is settled quickly.  Our track record of winning large verdicts and settlements benefits you, our clients.

•     You have the benefit of a former insurance defense attorney working for you.   Our Tampa car accident attorneys know  the tricks and tactics that the insurance company’s adjusters and lawyers use to get out of paying you all the money to which you are entitled to.

•     Mike is a second generation Tampa native, now raising his family where his parents raised him.  Mike is tied to our community,  a leader in local charitable organizations,  and he works to make Tampa a safe place for all our families.

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Unlike like many other Tampa car accident attorneys, Mike Hancock is a former insurance defense lawyer.  This experience has given him insight into the tactics that the insurance company’s attorneys and claims adjusters use to trivialize and limit the amount of money insurance companies pay to accident victims. Mike knows how to anticipate and overcome insurance company delays and excuses in order to recover maximum financial compensation and damages for his injured clients.

Also, unlike other Tampa car accident attorneys or personal injury law firms, we don’t  use case managers or pass clients off to a young associate.  When you call looking for an experienced attorney to handle your personal injury case, you will meet with attorney Mike Hancock and work directly with him from start to finish. We know our clients by name and our clients know us. See what our clients say about us.

We have an office policy of responding to our clients via telephone or email within 24 hours. We understand that injuries due to the negligence of others are stressful – and that stress is compounded when an attorney does not promptly communicate.  This why our law firm is committed to responding to our client’s inquiries within the same day.

Among other charitable organizations for which he volunteers, Mike Hancock serves on the Board of Directors of the Carrollwood Community Bar Association and as Legal Counsel on the Board of Directors of the Carrollwood Civic Association.  We are proud of our community and we believe in protecting it.  We make our community a safer place by holding negligent drivers and others accountable for the harms and losses they cause when they fail to uphold the accepted standard of care or conduct.

No Recovery, No Fee Promise

It costs you nothing to speak with our experienced Tampa car accident the attorneys at Hancock Law Firm about your case either by email, telephone or in our office.  We represent you on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay our attorney’s fees only when we recover damages for you.

We are careful with costs associated with your case and work hard to keep these costs at a minimum, which puts more money in your pocket.   Also, we don’t charge many of the costs and administrative fees charged by other Tampa car accident attorneys.  For example, we don’t charge our clients for long distance phone calls.  We don’t charge a “file set-up fee” nor do we charge our clients unnamed and unspecified “administrative costs.”

We greatly value the trust our clients place in us to protect their legal rights and seek justice on their behalf, and they value our reputation for excellence and integrity we have earned in the legal community.

Tampa Car Accident Attorneys Who Care

If another driver caused your auto accident or you have suffered serious injury because of the negligence of others, your best chance of obtaining full compensation is hiring an attorney with a proven record, who is genuinely committed to you.

Free Consultation of Your Personal Injury Case

At Hancock Law Firm, we will answer your legal questions, make recommendations and provide you with a free, confidential evaluation of your personal injury, auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or sinkhole claim, all without obligation to use our legal services.

We take the time to educate injury victims and policyholders about their rights, and warn them about insurance adjuster tricks aimed at denying or limiting their compensation.

Our Excellence Doesn’t Cost You More

For the same contingency fee percentage as hiring that less experienced lawyer, with hiring Mike Hancock, you get over 26 years of personal injury law experience with an AV-Preeminent attorney.  It’s all the same contingency fee percentage.


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No Recovery, No Fee Promise.

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