How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

February 15, 2024 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

Our lawyers handle a State Farm injury claim in its entirety. A full-service approach ensures that clients are safe from violations of their rights and can tend to their injuries. State Farm may not want to compensate you fairly, and our lawyers will work long hours to ensure that it does.

Everyone with injuries must make health a priority. Hiring a State Farm injury claim lawyer will ensure that your health comes first while your attorney gives just as much priority to your financial recovery.

What Every Claimant Must Know About Dealing with State Farm

Many people know as much about State Farm as the company presents in its commercials and other ads. Every major insurer has its own policies and procedures, so it helps to have basic information about State Farm if you must pursue a claim. Every claimant should know the following.

State Farm Leads the Insurance Marketplace in Several Categories

How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

State Farm is one of the most dominant insurers in the United States, as it:

This makes State Farm arguably the leading insurance provider in the United States. Such large insurers tend to treat claims from a financial lens. Having this detached outlook may be one reason why State Farm has grown so large and succeeded immensely in the insurance space.

State Farm Has Near-Boundless Resources 

Because it is among the most prominent insurers in the United States, State Farm:

  • Has a large team of adjusters who may vary significantly in their claims approaches
  • Has attorneys and other resources it can use to fight against paying claims
  • Has an expansive knowledge of insurance policies and claims processes
  • Can afford to employ virtually any strategy it chooses when handling claims

Recognize that you will be dealing with a formidable insurer with capable adjusters and attorneys on its side. You want to have a knowledgeable, accomplished injury claim lawyer representing you in your claim with State Farm.

State Farm’s Adjusters Have Ample Experience

The State Farm adjuster who handles your claim may:

  • Have substantial experience evaluating and negotiating injury claims
  • Have a mandate to save State Farm as much money as possible
  • Understand and employ a variety of tactics for paying claimants as little compensation as possible (in doing so, minimizing State Farm’s loss on your claim)

Your attorney will deal with adjusters and insist they honor their duty to compensate you fairly.

State Farm Does Not Always Operate in Good Faith

Types of State Farm Claims Our Attorneys Handle

Even if State Farm has a generally positive reputation for paying claimants fairly, you never know what you’ll face with an injury claim. State Farm may seek to underpay your claim or not pay it at all.

If State Farm decides to handle your claim in bad faith, having a capable attorney on your side will be especially important.

Types of State Farm Claims Our Attorneys Handle

State Farm offers a wide range of insurance policies, several of which may be relevant to an injury claim.

You may be dealing with State Farm because:

  • You were in a car, motorcycle, truck, or pedestrian accident
  • You were in a bicycle accident
  • You suffered a harmful accident (like a slip and fall) at someone’s home
  • You suffered a harmful accident at a business or other public establishment
  • You were physically assaulted on a property insured by State Farm
  • An animal attacked you
  • You suffered an injury in other circumstances to which State Farm insurance coverage applies

The details of your injuries and losses are important. Your attorney will gather all relevant information, evidence, and documentation as they seek a fair settlement from State Farm.

Specific Services an Attorney Provides State Farm Claimants

State Farm injury claim lawyers provide start-to-finish service for claimants, which generally includes:

Detailing the Client’s Losses

Your attorney will need to provide proof of your losses to State Farm’s representatives, and such proof may include:

  • Medical records
  • X-rays, MRIs, and other images of injuries
  • Medical bills
  • A mental health professional's diagnoses of your pain and suffering
  • Your own accounts of pain and suffering
  • Any invoices related to property damage (such as replacing a totaled vehicle)

Losses are specific to each claimant. Your attorney will identify each type of covered loss and document those losses in as much detail as possible.

Calculating a Precise Settlement Target

Before negotiating a settlement with State Farm’s representatives, your attorney will determine the exact financial value of both your economic and non-economic losses.

Handling Every Interaction with State Farm

Every time you come into direct contact with State Farm, it is an opportunity for:

  • You to say something that might hurt your claim
  • State Farm to ask misleading or confusing questions that lead to harmful answers
  • State Farm to tempt you with lowball settlement offers

Your attorney will handle communications with State Farm. This will prevent rights violations and ensure your claim moves forward as efficiently as possible.

Negotiating a Settlement

The majority of injury claims result in settlements. Your attorney’s initial goal will be to secure a fair settlement from State Farm.

Attorneys can be effective settlement negotiators because:

  • They understand their client’s losses in great detail
  • They understand the financial cost of various damages
  • They know the most effective evidence and documentation for securing settlements
  • They have extensive experience combating bad-faith negotiation tactics

An attorney is also an effective negotiator because they can credibly pursue a lawsuit, if necessary. State Farm will become aware that your lawyer is willing to file a lawsuit if called for. This potential to file a lawsuit may provide strong leverage during settlement negotiations.

If State Farm proves unwilling to offer a fair settlement, your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf. If State Farm continues to rebuff your lawyer’s settlement demands even after filing a lawsuit, your attorney can take your case to trial.

Your attorney will also monitor your recovery and well-being because:

  • Our lawyers have a personal investment in clients’ well-being
  • As your injuries and symptoms evolve, your attorney will need to reflect these changes in their settlement demands

There may be other demands related to your claim. Your attorney will be solely responsible for those demands, as they want you to focus on your recovery without claim-related interruptions.

Potential Challenges During State Farm Injury Claims

When you hire a State Farm injury claim attorney, you avoid facing the many challenges that arise during the claims process.

Such challenges may include:

Potential Challenges During State Farm Injury Claims
  • Lowball offers: It can be difficult for an injured party to understand the true cost of their losses. State Farm may offer substantial settlements that, despite being large, do not adequately cover your losses. Your attorney will alert you to such offers and explain why they are insufficient.
  • Claim delays: You deserve a quick resolution to your claim. While the claims process takes time, it should not take any more time than is absolutely necessary. Your attorney will demand that State Farm handle your claim promptly.
  • Attempts at deception: If State Farm or any other insurer can confuse or mislead a claimant, it may be in their financial interests to do so. Your lawyer will explain every claim-related issue and handle all direct interactions with insurers.
  • Hardball negotiation tactics: State Farm officials handling your claim may insist on paying less than you deserve. Even once your attorney presents proof of your damages, the insurer may refuse to offer fair compensation.

Your lawyer will have several tactics for convincing State Farm officials to pay a fair settlement. If their persuasive tactics do not work, your attorney can take legal action against the insurer.

Losses Your Attorney Will Consider When Seeking a Settlement

Injuries can throw the victim’s life into chaos, causing immediate harm and immense uncertainty. Your lawyer will calculate the entire cost of your injuries, which may include:

Lost Income

Injuries often require time away from work, and the professional absence can vary in length depending on the severity of the injuries.

Such an absence may cause:

  • Lost income, which can affect both those who earn salaries and wages
  • Diminished earning power, which occurs if you do not earn the same income you did before suffering injuries
  • Missed opportunities to earn bonuses, promotions, and other performance-based incentives

You may also suffer a worse quality of life because you cannot work, as many derive fulfillment from their employment.

Pain and Suffering

State Farm should pay fair compensation for non-economic harm related to your injuries, which may include:

Attorneys refer to these kinds of problems as pain and suffering. Despite not having an obvious financial value, your attorney will seek fair compensation for such losses.

Medical Expenses

Losses Your Attorney Will Consider When Seeking a Settlement I Medical Expenses

Whenever State Farm receives an injury claim, it must anticipate covering the claimant’s medical bills.

The nature of your injuries will determine what types of medical care you need, but covered services may include:

  • Emergency transport and treatment
  • Hospitalization
  • Medications
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Surgery
  • Doctor and specialist visits
  • Rehabilitation services

An experienced injury claim attorney will understand the varying costs associated with different types of injury. Your lawyer will also work closely with your doctors to document your injuries and treatment.

Property Damage

Some State Farm injury claims also involve property damage, as is often the case with car accidents. If you have experienced any property damage and need compensation, your attorney will include property expenses in your case.

Disabling injuries:

  • May require you to make changes to your home or move
  • May require you to purchase medical equipment, like a wheelchair
  • Can diminish your earnings for the remainder of your life 
  • May require you to hire full-time caregivers
  • Can cause loss of cognitive and physical abilities, changes in mood and personality, and other severe forms of pain and suffering

A State Farm injury claim lawyer will consider the details of your injuries, including any costs and hardship related to a disability.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a State Farm Injury Claim Lawyer?

Our lawyers allow anyone with a State Farm injury claim to hire us.

Our client-friendly contingency fee structure:

  • Requires you to pay no out-of-pocket compensation to our firm
  • Pays the cost of completing your claim with State Farm
  • Pays the cost of any necessary lawsuit and trial
  • Provides expert services and other resources at no additional cost to you

If our firm succeeds in securing a settlement or verdict for you, we will receive a percentage of the recovery. You will be aware of the specifics of our fee structure before you hire our firm.

What to Consider When Seeking a Lawyer for a State Farm Claim

You can use several different types of information to decide upon a State Farm injury claim attorney, including:

  • Whether the firm uses contingency fees, as you may not afford a firm that does not
  • Whether the law firm frequently handles injury claims
  • Case results the firm has achieved for other clients with injuries
  • Testimonials from former clients

Most law firms that handle State Farm injury claims offer free consultations. You can speak with the firm before hiring them at no cost to you. If a law firm leaves a memorable impression during your consultation, you can also factor this into your decision.

Do Not Wait to Hire a State Farm Injury Claim Attorney

Mike Hancock, Personal Injury Attorney
Mike Hancock, State Farm Injury Claim Lawyer

Waiting to hire a lawyer for your State Farm injury claim can have significant consequences. You may lose access to vital evidence, miss the deadline for filing a lawsuit, and suffer financially because of it.

Law firms encourage you to call them anytime, so don’t wait. Research prospective Spring Hill personal injury attorney and hire one to represent you with State Farm.