Tampa Paralysis Injury Lawyer

When you suddenly and unexpectedly go from full range of motion to a loss of mobility or feeling in part of your body, you will be facing significant lifestyle changes. You might need help to perform daily activities or require modifications in your home to help you get around. Extensive medical procedures or rehabilitation sessions may be putting a financial strain on you and your family. Those paralyzed from an injury face a long road to recovery and will be thrown many challenges along the way.

We cannot begin to imagine the physical and emotional pain you may be going through, but our compassionate catastrophic injury attorneys are here to help you attain your legal goals. If you or a loved one suffered a loss of mobility in an accident caused by a negligent party, reach out to a Tampa paralysis injury lawyer today.

Accidents That May Result In Loss Of Mobility

Paralysis can be caused by a sudden accident or a life-long illness or a medical condition. Diseases that may lead to paralysis include multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. Singular incidents that may cause complete or partial paralysis include:

Many of these incidents result in traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage that can lead to mobility loss. The type of accident you were in could impact the way a paralysis injury attorney would proceed with your case, so it is best to hire legal counsel before filing a claim.

What Are The Different Types Of Paralysis Injuries?

Mobility loss is typically caused by a blow to the spine or head. The part of your spinal column that is affected in the accident can determine whether you become partially or completely paralyzed.

For example, an accident that affects the lower part of your spine may result in loss of mobility in your legs, while a blow to the upper part of your back could lead to complete paralysis in all four limbs. Consider talking to an attorney about how the severity of your mobility loss could impact your potential financial compensation.

The Cost Of A Paralysis Injury

Unsurprisingly the medical costs for a paralysis injury are significant. From hospital stays, to surgeries, medical supplies, medicines, and rehabilitation, you are facing huge costs. According to National Spinal Cord Injury data, the estimated lifetime costs for a 25-year-old with Motor Functional loss at any level on the ASIA Impairment Scale (this is the category of least significant paralysis) can be estimated at $1,578,224.

A paralysis injury also normally brings a loss of income and earning capacity. However, an experienced paralysis injury lawyer will do everything they can to help maximize your financial recovery.

How Can You Recover Damages In A Tampa Paralysis Injury Case?

To succeed in a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove that the at-fault party owed you a duty of care, breached that duty, and caused you to suffer damages. According to Florida’s pure comparative fault rule, a plaintiff could collect a proportion of the total calculated damages even if they contributed to their injury.

Under state law, injured parties like you may receive compensatory damages for losses such as medical costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. In certain cases, you might also be able to collect punitive damages. This type of compensation is awarded if there is clear evidence of gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

For more information about the requirements for establishing liability and collecting damages, meet with a local paralysis injury attorney to discuss your case.

A significant paralysis injury requires prompt medical attention and swift preparation for legal action. Waiting too long to seek medical care or call a lawyer could have a negative impact on your case.

The aftermath of a paralysis injury can be a challenging time for you and your family. You may be uncertain whether you have a valid legal claim arising from the accident. You may be at a loss with how to proceed. Our Tampa serious accident lawyers can help! We can give you the advice and counsel you need to move forward in the best way possible. If you or a loved one has been afflicted by paralysis, you should take steps to inform yourself of your available legal options.

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