Spring Hill Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

The warm weather in Spring Hill makes walking a relaxing alternative to driving or taking public transportation. You would think that walking to get to work or run errands would mean you do not have to worry about car accidents. However, reckless drivers can hit pedestrians walking on or near the street. In Hernando County alone, 66 pedestrians were injured in crashes in 2020 (FLHSMV).

These types of accidents are generally severe because pedestrians have no protection from heavy metal cars, and with so many drivers distracted and on their phones, more and more accidents show no signs of cars attempting to brake before the impact. If you were severely injured or lost a loved one due to a negligent driver’s actions, you should reach out to a dedicated accident attorney today. Navigating the legal system and successfully obtaining compensation is complicated. You are already dealing with injuries, mounting medical expenses, ad most likely daily stress. Let our Spring Hill pedestrian accident lawyers take care of securing you the full and fair compensation you deserve, so your focus can stay on healing.

What Is Considered A Pedestrian Accident?

A pedestrian accident is a type of motor vehicle collision that involves a non-motorist party. These types of accidents frequently result in severe or fatal injuries to the pedestrians involved. While both drivers and pedestrians can and should take precautions to mitigate the risk of an accident, doing so does not guarantee complete safety. If you were harmed in a pedestrian accident, hiring a Spring Hill attorney can significantly improve your chances of recovering compensation from the at-fault party.

As we mentioned earlier, pedestrian accidents often leave victims with critical injuries. It is important to seek medical care as soon as you can after an accident. In Florida, you have 14 days from the date of the accident to seek medical care in order to qualify to receive your PIP benefits. You can learn more about how PIP or “no-fault” works here.

Common Causes Of Traffic Collisions Involving Pedestrians In Spring Hill

A pedestrian accident could have multiple causes. However, most collisions occur due to a motorist’s negligence. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Distracted or inattentive driving
  • Traffic violations, such as speeding or failing to yield
  • Low visibility when driving at night
  • Inclement weather conditions

When determining the cause of your accident, you should work with a lawyer who regularly represents injured pedestrians.

Who Is Liable For Damages In A Pedestrian Injury Case?

The parties who are liable for your damages will vary depending on the cause of the accident. If the driver was texting, they would likely be the primarily liable party. However, if lack of signage caused the crash, you may have a case against the responsible government entity. It is important to note that the other party may claim you were also responsible for the accident.

Can You Still Recover Damages if You are Partially At Fault?

Under Florida’s comparative fault law, codified at § 768.81(2) of the Florida Statutes, if an injured party contributes to their injuries, they will not be barred from recovery. However, their damages award will be reduced to reflect their portion of fault. A hard-working attorney can help you maximize your potential damages award even if you are partly responsible for the pedestrian accident.

How Can A Spring Hill Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help You?

Pedestrian-vehicle collisions can be some of the most dangerous types of accidents. Due to the severity of the potential damages, it is difficult to recover full compensation without qualified legal representation. Besides dealing with the constant calls from the insurance companies, a personal injury attorney can also help oversee the investigation and accident analysis which then, in turn, helps us develop a strong case strategy, so we can make sure you are compensated for the full amount you deserve.

Additionally, with our 30 years of experience and Attorney Mike Hancock’s background in insurance defense, we are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies will use to devalue your case and know how to counter those assertions. If the insurance company cannot agree to fair compensation in negotiations, we as your personal injury lawyers will file a lawsuit on your behalf and take your case to court if necessary. We know your rights; we know the law and we know what you deserve.

If you or a loved one were seriously harmed due to another party’s negligence, protecting your legal rights will be crucial to ensure you receive adequate financial compensation for your injuries. To learn more about the legal recourse you may have, call Hancock Injury Attorneys to schedule a free consultation with a Spring Hill pedestrian accident lawyer.

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