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Placing a family member in a nursing home can be difficult. You want to be able to care for your loved one, but you may not have the means to do so. These facilities can be a great solution for families who do not have to resources to assist their relatives with their daily activities. However, nursing homes can be harmful if the staff members are neglectful or abusive.

If your loved one has received inadequate care in a nursing home, talk to a compassionate personal injury attorney right away. A Spring Hill nursing home abuse lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and defend your loved one’s rights. At Hancock Injury Attorneys we can guide you through this process and fight for those who are experiencing elder abuse. We have helped those who have suffered from the negligence of others for over thirty years. With our experience, advocacy and expertise we will make sure you or your loved one gets justice.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect?

Nursing home abuse cases come in many shapes and forms. Many residents suffer harm due to passive neglect caused by understaffing. In other cases, a staff member might become frustrated and inflict intentional harm on a resident.

Florida Statutes Chapter 400 covers many of the guidelines set for nursing homes and their employees. When the administrators of a nursing home fail to adhere to these guidelines, it opens the door for many types of harm, including:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical harm such as [slip and falls](/spring-hill-injury/slip-and-fall-lawyer/), bedsores, malnutrition, choking, and medication errors
  • Sexual abuse
  • Wrongful Death
  • Financial exploitation
  • Unlawful or unnecessary confinement of patients
  • Deprivation of patient needs
  • Isolation from family

Abuse in a nursing home setting can cause serious injuries as well as emotional harm to a resident. Passive neglect and intentional acts of abuse in nursing homes can persist for months or even years if the affected residents are afraid to speak out.

If you believe your loved one is being mistreated in a nursing home, you should take note of any significant changes in personality, sudden weight loss, or bruises. A dedicated lawyer can help you assess the situation and determine whether you may have a valid nursing home abuse case.

What Constitutes Negligence In A Spring Hill Injury Claim?

In a nursing home abuse case, negligence would be any violation of the standard of care owed to the patients that leads to an injury. A skilled nursing home abuse attorney can prove negligence for issues related to:

  • Inadequate medical care
  • Poor building maintenance
  • Lack of proper equipment
  • Failure to properly train staff

An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can also gather the evidence necessary to prove a certain act was intentional.

What Parties Can Face Liability for Nursing Home Abuse?

If your attorney can prove a staff member was negligent or intentionally abusive, they will bear financial liability. Additionally, the legal doctrine known as respondeat superior creates liability for the facility itself.

Types Of Compensation Available To The Nursing Home Resident

After your lawyer has established liability, your loved one can receive compensation to cover the following damages:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Property damage or restitution of funds
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Punitive damages (in limited cases)

Our attorneys understand how to actively pursue financial compensation for an injured nursing home resident and their family.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help In A Nursing Home Abuse Case

Nursing home abuse cases are incredibly complicated lawsuits. To succeed in a claim, you must analyze complex medical documents and contracts. You will also need to perform a thorough investigation into the company’s involvement in the abuse or neglect. A diligent lawyer can handle all the legal aspects of your nursing home case and develop a strong strategy for pursuing compensation.

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