How to Steer Clear of Tailgaters in Florida

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
How to Steer Clear of Tailgaters in Florida

When tailgating or following the vehicle in front of you too closely, you don’t give yourself enough space to brake on time if there’s an emergency. Failing to respond in time can lead to a crash that results in severe injuries.

Thus, part of being a responsible and defensive driver involves giving adequate space between your car and the vehicles in front of you. Unfortunately, despite its dangers being well known, tailgating is very common.

This article explores why some drivers tailgate despite the inherent risk and how you can avoid such drivers on the road.

Why Some Drivers Tailgate

Besides being dangerous, tailgating is illegal. Regardless, some drivers still tailgate and cause accidents for various reasons.

For example, distracted drivers might not realize how close they’re following the car in front of them. Or, for instance, rather than attempting to pass drivers ahead of them, impatient drivers may choose to tailgate to force the driver in front of them to switch lanes or speed up.

If a driver has little driving experience, they might misjudge the space between their cars and those in front of them and tailgate by accident.

Or drivers prone to anger may intentionally tailgate in a fit of road rage. Similarly, there are drivers who may tailgate on purpose to prevent other drivers from merging or cutting in front of them.

How To Avoid Tailgating Accidents

The best way to avoid getting into a tailgating accident is to not tailgate and hope that the driver behind you is also not tailgating. Keep ample distance from the vehicle you are following to help make sure that you have enough time to brake if you need to.

To ensure your car isn’t following too closely, follow the basic two-second rule. Look for a fixed point or object on the side of the roadway. Once you see the bumper of the car in front of you pass the point or object, start counting. If you don’t reach the count of two before the front of your car passes the fixed point or object, that’s a sign that you’re tailgating and should slow down.

Whenever possible, stay away from tailgaters. If a driver is tailgating another car on the road, they will surely do that to you if they come up behind you. Try to get away from the tailgating driver and switch lanes when able to ensure your safety.

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