How To Get Traffic Accident Police Reports in Tampa

September 28, 2023 | By Mike Hancock
How To Get Traffic Accident Police Reports in Tampa

If you were involved in a car accident in the Tampa area, you may find the need to obtain a copy of your traffic accident police report.

Note:  Injured parties can seek reimbursement for their medical expenses, hospital bills, time away from work, pain, anguish, emotional suffering, the cost of any ongoing care, the loss of a loved one’s life, and other damages that can be reasonably shown to have arisen from the crash. To get the extent to which you deserve, you almost always need an experienced car accident lawyer. If you were seriously injured, contact us today to learn how to get a traffic accident police report in Tampa.

Three Ways To Obtain Traffic Accident Police Reports In Tampa

Police reports prepared by the Tampa Police Department may be obtained in any one of three ways. Your attorney may obtain your accident report on your behalf, you may pick up the report in person, or, you may purchase the accident report online.

By Lawyer

If you were seriously injured in the crash and have retained an attorney, they will most likely obtain your accident report on your behalf. You, your lawyer, and your insurer are the only parties allowed to obtain the accident report.


If you simply have property damage and need a copy of the accident report, you’ll need your photo ID, report number if you have it, and a properly completed, notarized TPD 503 form “Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information.”  You will pick up the report at Tampa Police Department’s Records Division, 411 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602.


You can obtain your TPD accident report online here.

How Long Until I Can Get My Traffic Accident Police Report From The Tampa Police Department?

Tampa Police Department has two types of accident reports, short-form, and long-form. Short-form accident reports are generally available about 5 business days from the date of the accident. Long-form reports may take two weeks to be prepared. Long-form reports may be used when there was an intoxicated driver, commercial vehicle, serious injury, or fatality involved. Call right away to start the process in your case.

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