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Avoiding Teen Driving Accidents

While it is true that teens are at higher risk for accidents, most of those teen accidents can be prevented. Parents can help teach their teen drivers how to stay safe behind the wheel while they are still gaining their necessary driving skills. By avoiding risky behaviors and never allowing friends to drive irresponsibly, everyone
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Injured in a Bar Fight, Can You Sue?

In Florida, tourists and locals flock to bars and nightclubs when the sun goes down. The nightlife in Florida is exceptionally popular, which makes a large majority of these public venues overcrowded. While people go to these locales to enjoy themselves, there are those that may drink too much or simply go with the intention
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What Happens if Your Car Accident is With a Tourist?

Being in a car accident anywhere in Florida can be a hassle, but if the other driver is not from the state, it may become even more complicated. Dealing with tourists after a car accident adds a unique layer of complication – and in some cases, may make it more difficult to seek compensation for
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How Safe is Your Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools are a common fixture on Florida residential properties. With the ideal weather year-round, you can swim laps in the morning and take a dip to cool off in the afternoon. Unfortunately, swimming pools can also be extremely dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were over 3,400 pool-related deaths in 2007,
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Crosswalk Accidents: Who Had the Right of Way?

Florida has one of the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities in the country. In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ranked Florida as the second highest with 476 pedestrian deaths. If you or a loved one has been struck by a vehicle while crossing the street, you may wonder if you have legal grounds
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5 Critical Boating Safety Tips All Boaters Should Know

Florida’s exceptional weather year-round makes it a great place to own a boat and take it out on the open sea as frequently as possible. It is the ideal way to enjoy the summer months and is something all ages can certainly enjoy. However, being out on the water is just like operating a car
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Pure Opinion Testimony Cannot Be Used in a Personal Injury Claim

Florida legislature modified Florida statute 90.702 and adopted the expert testimony standards commonly referred to as “Daubert.” This statute modification has slowly been making an impact on personal injury cases – especially when it comes to expert testimony. Because of these changes, any subjective beliefs or unsupported speculation in an expert’s testimony is inadmissible by
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Tampa, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers - Hancock Law

Understanding the Cap on Florida’s Medical Malpractice Claims

In 2003, a rather controversial law was passed that limited how much compensation could be awarded to injured patients in their medical malpractice claims. The case that sparked this law involved a dental assistant who underwent a carpal tunnel surgery that resulted in a perforated esophagus. The mistake happened when the tubes were placed into
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Truck accident attorney

Who is at Fault in a Large Truck Accident?

Because of their extreme weight and massive size, large truck accidents tend to cause more fatalities than any other type of vehicle accident. Approximately 12 percent of all accidents are caused by large trucks. These trucks are also referred to as semis, tractor-trailers, and transfer trucks. There are many contributing factors to large truck accidents.
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