What to Expect from your Attorney during your Case

September 28, 2023 | By Mike Hancock
What to Expect from your Attorney during your Case

You’ve taken on a big advertising law firm to represent you in your personal injury claim. It’s been months and you still haven’t spoken directly with the attorney handling your case. You start to ask yourself; “Is this normal; is this what I should be expecting from my personal injury lawyer?” 

It’s not; a personal injury attorney who truly values client relationships will meet with you before even taking on your case. Only an attorney will be able to provide you with legal advice. 

You shouldn’t speak to just any attorney, you should expect to speak with the attorney who will be handling your case till the very end. Only your attorney will be able to tell you the strength of your claim, the value of your case, what all the different legal claims you can make are, and what you are entitled to recover. 

What You Can Expect From Hancock Injury Attorneys

When you call our firm to discuss your specific legal issue, you can expect to first speak with a paralegal. If it is determined that your personal injury claim is within the firm’s expertise, then you will speak personally with attorney Mike Hancock. During this initial consultation, you’ll speak with Mike about every aspect of your claim. Once you come to an agreement that our firm will be able to take on your case, you and Mike will be speaking at least twice in the first two weeks and then at regular intervals after that. At the same time, you will be speaking monthly, if not weekly, with the paralegal assigned to your case. You can expect to be treated like family at Hancock Injury Attorneys. Mike will know you by name and voice by the time your case is settled.

Don’t Settle For Poor Treatment 

If you are currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit and you are being represented by an attorney who is not treating you this way, then Florida law gives you the right to discharge your attorney for any reason you want.

Contact Hancock Injury Attorneys

Whether you’ve been involved in a car, slip and fall, or another kind of personal injury accident, coping with your healing process and dealing with medical bills is already difficult enough. Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you in your claim shouldn’t be any more difficult. If you have any questions regarding this or any other legal matter you are involved in, give us a call at 813-915-1110.

Mike Hancock


People involved in serious accidents experience loss and often don’t know what to do next. Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Mike Hancock has dedicated his career to handling the recovery process for his clients so that their lives can get back to normal.

Mike has excelled in personal injury litigation for over 30 years and even though that’s earned him numerous professional honors, what’s most important to him is meeting directly with you and his commitment to giving you peace of mind.

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