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Minor burns are relatively common injuries that often do not require professional medical care. You might accidentally burn yourself while cooking or get a sunburn after enjoying a day on the beach. In these situations, cool water and over-the-counter creams are generally enough to treat the injury.

However, severe burns that affect multiple layers of skin or cover a large area of the body can be incredibly dangerous. These types of conditions generally require professional medical treatment and will most likely impact your life for years after the accident. If another person’s reckless actions or a faulty product caused your accident, you have the right to seek compensation that you deserve through a personal injury claim.

By working with our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys, you could obtain financial compensation to cover all your losses. Get in touch with our Wesley Chapel burn injury lawyers today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Types Of Burn Injuries

There are many different types of burns, and each of them can be incredibly painful and lead to severe scarring. Some of the most common types of burns our local attorneys see are thermal, chemical, and electrical burns.

Thermal Burns

A thermal burn occurs when you come into contact with a source of high heat. Sources could include fire, steam, and hot metal. Thermal burns can result in lasting and painful injuries, some of which could even be fatal. In a past case, we helped a client recover a $900,000 settlement after they suffered thermal and chemical burns from an exploding grill.

Electrical Burns

High voltage electrical sources can send energy through your body. These electric currents can damage nerves, cause skin burns, and even stop the heart. In severe cases, you could experience damage to your neurological systems.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns result from contact with caustic chemicals or substances, such as battery acid, bleach, and other cleaning materials. Chemical burns often lead to particularly severe scarring, and the fumes can lead to blindness and lung damage.

Every type of burn has the potential to cause serious harm. However, the severity of the injury will often depend on the type of burn and the length of exposure to the dangerous substance.

How Do You Prove Negligence In A Burn Injury Case?

To prove negligence, you and your attorney must establish that the at-fault party breached their reasonable duty of care through their actions or inactions. You must also show that the other party’s actions were the cause of your injuries.

This process involves collecting and analyzing evidence. Without proof of the defendant’s negligence, you cannot establish liability. If you cannot prove liability, you will not be able to recover compensation. Our skilled attorneys in Wesley Chapel will work tirelessly to help you gather evidence to prove liability in your burn injury claim.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Attorney In Wesley Chapel?

Every plaintiff is permitted to hire a lawyer for their personal injury case, but some people choose to file their claim without an attorney. Lawsuits involving burn injuries can be difficult to prove.

Without the proper evidence and understanding of the law, you may not be able to establish the other party’s liability. Even cases that seem clear still require compliance with established rules and procedures under state law.

Our legal team at Hancock Injury Attorneys has the knowledge and resources you need to succeed in a case. Attorney Mike Hancock has experience working in insurance defense, meaning he understands the tactics these companies may use during settlement negotiations. In one case, our burn injury attorneys were able to win a $900,000 settlement for a client who suffered chemical and thermal burns from an exploding grill. Speak with our team today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a lawyer.

How Long Do You Have To File A Case?

Florida Statutes Annotated § 95.11 sets a two-year statute of limitations for most types of personal injury cases, including many burn injury lawsuits. If you do not file your claim within this time, you could lose your chance to obtain compensation.

There are some rare exceptions to the statute of limitations, including incidents involving injuries to minors. However, it is generally best to consult with our dedicated lawyers as soon as possible after the burn accident.

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Burn injuries can not only lead to extreme pain and physical injury, but significant financial loss as well. Medical bills, lost income, and many other costs can greatly impact your life. If you want to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, contact our experienced Wesley Chapel burn injury lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

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