Tips on being a Defensive Driver


I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock injury Attorneys and today I want to give you some tips on defensive driving.

The most likely way you’re ever going to be involved in a car crash is by getting rear-ended and the biggest tip I can give you, or most helpful tip I can give you, is to try not to come to a sudden unexpected stop. Anticipate what’s happening in front of you. Leave yourself plenty of room when you come to a stop behind the car in front of you so that if you do get hit from behind, you will not likely be pushed into the car in front of you, causing additional injuries and damage.

The second tip I can give you is when you’re leaving an intersection, when you have a green light, still always look to your left and to your right to make sure that the other cars that might have just had a light turn red are actually stopping.

Those are the two easiest tips I can give to help you avoid being involved in a crash yourself. If you have any additional questions look through our website at or give me a call at the office at 813-915-1110.