The Hancock Injury Attorneys Team


When I got out of law school, I went to work for a large law firm of twenty-five lawyers where we did nothing but defend insurance companies and their insureds in personal injury and wrongful death cases and I realized that what I was doing was keeping families who had been injured in horrible accidents from getting the money that they deserved. After eight years of doing that I realized that was not for me, that was not something that made me feel good about myself, that is not what I thought my purpose in life should be. So I really realized what I wanted to do was represent people that were involved in the accidents the family members of those who had been killed people who had been horribly injured and would be permanently disabled for the rest of their lives

So, in 1996 I opened my own practice. We have grown the practice from a solo attorney to my wife coming and practicing with me as my partner to a law firm of seven employees. We pride ourselves not only in providing exceptional legal representation to our clients and getting the best possible results for our clients, but we also pride ourselves, and this goes from everyone from the receptionist to me, of providing exceptional client service to each one of our clients.

We understand what you have been through. We are trying to help you through the process and with our guidance, we take away some of the burden of what you would have to handle on your own. We can provide the individualized representation and we also have the resources necessary to get the best possible result in your case. And whether that is settling your case at the earliest opportunity or taking the case all the way to trial, we have the resources both financially and with our experience to do either one.

As part of the individualized attention we provide you, are going to meet with me, we are going to spend an hour to an hour and a half discussing your case. I am going to spend all the time necessary to explain all the legal aspects of your case and give you my opinions. My opinions that I provide you at the time of our initial consultation might not seem out of the ordinary, but what is ordinary for most law firms in Tampa, and especially the larger advertising law firms, is that you’ll never meet with the attorney. The attorney’s office will send an investigator out to your home to have you sign papers and will tell you that within a couple weeks someone will be in contact with you. That is not good legal representation. That is not the way we want to work. That doesn’t provide any benefit to the client and that’s not part of our practice. I look forward to representing you and meeting with you soon so that we can start doing all the things necessary to build your case.