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I came to Mr. Hancock because I had a problem with a case, a sinkhole case. Before that, I had an attorney who was handling my case for about eight months, nine months, and my experience with him was really, really rough, really hard, the secretary was pretty rough, I couldn’t get through to him, my calls were never returned.

The process was delayed so much and I did some research and I found Mr. Hancock. Mr. Hancock never brushed me off. Mr. Hancock always was: “Yes, Mr. Diaz?”,  “Can I help you, Mr. Diaz?”, “Would you like to come to my office, Mr. Diaz?”.

If he wasn’t available, his secretaries, they were so: “We’ll set you up with an appointment, Mr. Diaz”,  “We’ll have Mr. Hancock call you this afternoon” and he would follow up on it. It was just so many things that I was getting that I was not getting with that first attorney. It was a no-brainer for me, it was just that I had to make the move.