Tampa Motorcycle Accident – Why We Do What We Do – Episode 3


Hi, I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys and today is going to be the last video in our helmet series. In the first two videos, I discussed the stories and the clients behind the helmets. And for today’s video, I’m really going to describe why I have these helmets here on my credenza.

These helmets are here on my credenza for the same reason that my photos of my family are here on my credenza. These photos of my family are here to remind me of why I come to work every day and why I work so hard every day to provide for my family. And these helmets are reminders to me and reminder to everyone on my staff that walk into my office and see these helmets day after day of the importance of what we do for our clients. The importance of the work we do every single day for our clients.

When I see these helmets, I don’t see just objects, I don’t just see helmets, I see the families behind the helmets. I remember meeting with my clients with their families in the hospital rooms after their motorcycle crashes. I remember the grave concerns the family members for their family members who are in intensive care, who have multiple fractures, who have brain injuries. And I remember meeting with those clients and their families and telling them that they should just focus on getting better and that I would help them get through this.

And so every single day when I walk into my office and I look at these helmets, and it’s not just my motorcycle clients, this if for my car accidents clients and my slip and fall client, it’s for every single client in our firm. And when every one of my staff members walk in here it’s the same. It’s to remind of the importance of the work we do every single day. It’s to remind us of get the work done in as perfect a fashion as possible to maximize their recovery. To allow us to get a recovery that will pay for my client’s medical bills, pay for my client’s lost wages, pay for my client’s future medical bills and future loss of earning capacity. To pay for client’s pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement and to make sure that they are adequately compensated so they have money in the future to provide for their family just like I try to provide for mine.

So that is the last in a series of videos regarding these helmets that are on my credenza. If you have any questions, please give me a call. I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys.