Tampa Car Accident Attorney Client Reviews: Hancock Injury Attorneys


My name is Jennifer Hikes and I got into a car accident that supposedly was not that bad. I was actually just better at a red light and someone slammed in behind me.

I wasn’t really the type of person to get lawyers. I don’t want to sue people. I didn’t know how a lawyer would help me.

When I first reached out to the office and they kind of told me how they typically deal with clients. I’m a little different than other people because I just wanted this off my plate.

And anytime I emailed them or call them, I always could get somebody. And there were times that I did have to stop in to maybe give a signature and I would have my paperwork and I would just drop by. And Mike would actually make time to leave his office, cancel the call he was on, just to come to say hi to me and check on me and see what was going on and so they were very open with that.

They said: “You know you don’t have to come in for much. There might be a few things that you might have to sign, but we can do Skype, we can just do it by calling you, or we can give you status updates via email.” And that’s really how I prefer to kind of work with them.

I would recommend Hancock law firm because they really try to meet your individual needs, they really explained to me what would be happening through this whole entire process, and they put the burden of all the legal annoying paperwork and contacting the insurance companies all on themselves so that I could go about caring about my health and other things in my life.