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Neck Injury Pain After an Accident: What it Could Mean


Hi, I’m Mike Hancock. A lot of our clients come to us after being involved in a car accident and they are experiencing neck pain and they are wondering what that could mean. Well, I can tell you that after spending 30 years putting doctors on the witness stand, cross-examining defense doctors, talking with and reviewing medical records from neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists, chiropractors, that the most common way person is going to injure their neck in a car accident, in layman’s terms, is through a whiplash-type of injury.

A whiplash injury is simply when your neck or body part moves beyond where it is supposed to move and stretches, tears, the muscles, tendons, ligaments in and around your neck. You can also what’s called a bulging or herniated or protruding disc and these discs are kind of the shock absorbers between your vertebrae that could push in your spinal column and sometimes when the whiplash is hard enough, it can cause those discs to tear and press on certain nerves that are coming out of your spine.

You may have heard of this over the years, in layman’s terms, as a pinched nerve. And so you can have a pinched nerve in your neck, and really what that means is that your disc has herniated out or protruded out and is pressing on a certain nerve or spinal cord causing you to have symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, numbness, tingling or pain sensations going down from your neck to your arms and hands. Those are the most common type of injuries we see after a car accident. They can be treated by a number of different physicians, including chiropractic physicians, orthopedic physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and pain management doctors. The gold standard is typically to refer you out for an MRI, to get a better idea of what is causing those types of symptoms in your neck.

If you have any more questions regarding symptoms after a car accident, you can visit other parts of our website,, or just give me a call at the office. Take Care.

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I have received nothing but the best service I can ask for from Mike Hancock’s office. He and his office are true professionals in every sense of the word. They guided me along the process and had outstanding communication. I am more than pleased with the services they provided, and I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

— Kayla Hamilton

From first to last interactions with attorneys Mike and Claire Hancock, to all the supporting staff and legals, the office has always been courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They have always gotten right back with me when I had a question, and would not hesitate to highly recommend them.

—Debbie Smith

Absolutely fantastic! The Attorneys and its staff are very knowledgeable. Through my entire process they kept constant communication and the return of calls. I couldn't have made a better choice.Can’t say enough. Thank you, Mike and Gabby.

- L.C.

I want to express my thanks to you and your staff for handling my case. Your expertise and kindness in representing me was invaluable. Thank you so much for your professional and effective help. I won’t hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone who may need legal assistance

- J.M. of Tampa, Florida

I have no words to describe the wonderful experience that had been for me to do business with his legal firm . . . I really appreciate all the great effort that you guys put into my case.

- F.F. of Ocala, Florida

Heartfelt thanks to you for my check and for all your work for the extra check. I am so grateful to you. Appreciate everything very much! Special thoughts and prayers.

- So grateful to you

Thanks for the awesome service. You both did so much work on this and I appreciate it very much. This is a great outcome.

- P.Q. of Palatka, Florida

Mike and his team are awesome, emails are always responded back same day and the chiropractor recommendation was great. I was in a small fender bender but was always treated as if my case was worth a million dollars. I recommend his firm 1,000% you won't be disappointed.

- Chris

Your unwavering commitment to my family, and the love and compassion you have shown by your actions, and not just words, have had a dramatic, unforgettable impact on us all. Your kindness and level headedness in your representation has helped us be able to live a decent and stress-free life from here forward.

- P.M. of Brooksville, Florida

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