Motorcycle Crash: $1 Million Case

Hi I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock injury attorneys and today I want tell you a story about one of my clients that can be best represented by picking up this blue motorcycle helmet.  My client a few years ago was riding his motorcycle in Pinellas County. And he had a horrific accident and was in a coma for over a month. And sustained brain damage that will be permanent for the rest of his life. The reason I keep this helmet on my credenza really is to remind me of the impact that our work has on people’s lives. You know when we first started off this case the insurance companies involved for the defendant essentially laughed at our theory of recovery and our theory of negligence. They essentially denied the claim out all together. Saying that they didn’t feel that they’re driver was negligent.

Well through persistence and creativity we were able to not only get the insurance companies to reverse their decision about whether their insured was negligent but we went from having the insurance company offering no money to just slightly less than one million dollars. And the reason that that’s so important is because it provided our clients money for all of his future medical needs and not only for his future medical needs but the needs for his family. He had a eighteen month old son at the time of the accident and so we were able to put the funds away in a structured settlement that allowed his family members to access that money in the future for his ongoing care.

He had a significant brain injury which will prevent them from ever working again in this life. And so when I look at that blue helmet, I don’t just see a helmet. I see my clients and I see my clients family and I see this is just another example of the hard work that we put in actually results in good for our clients.