If my pain doesn’t develop until a few days after a car accident, do I still have an injury case?


I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys and today I want to answer a question that a lot of my clients have when they initially come to consult with me, and that is after a car accident if I didn’t have pain at the scene but developed pain two or three days later do I still have a personal injury claim to pursue?

The short answer is yes. Oftentimes, and I’m basing this answer on my 30-years of experience of representing people involved in these types of injuries, and with my 30-years experience of taking depositions of emergency room doctors, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and neurosurgeons, the medical evidence is clear that you can sustain a sprain or strain of your neck or back and not have immediate pain afterwards.

What happens is as the inflammation process progresses over the next two to three days following the trauma. You will stiffen up and you will develop pain and limitations and that’s when most of my clients who did not go to the emergency room by ambulance first notice pain. And even if that happens you still have a valid personal injury claim.

One thing that is important is when you do have that pain, whether it’s two days later, three days later or five days later, is to immediately seek medical attention.

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