Hancock Injury Attorneys in Tampa FL


When I grew up here in Tampa, I think I had my first job when I was 15 years old. I worked through college, worked through law school, and I think that I bring to my practice that same work ethic that started back in high school.

For the first eight years after law school, I worked for a prominent insurance defense law firm. I was hired by the insurance companies to actually keep well-deserving people from getting the money that they deserved. What I found was that I was getting really good at what I did.

And, after doing that for eight years, I left the insurance defense practice and opened my own law firm where all we did was represent the injured. What I really liked about that is that I can help my clients get what they deserve by right but which they could not get on their own.

I was coming to a slow stop and there was a school bus in the right lane of me. I was hit by a semi that was traveling behind me. I found Mr. Hancock through a coworker at my job.

So, therefore, I came down to Mike. I started talking to him. As soon as I walked out of his office, I felt like this was a guy to go to.

I’ve dealt with a lot of lawyers in my life and he just he’s on a different level. He cares about your case, he cares about your injury, and he knows how to handle it.

His staff is unbelievable.  He totally treats you like family. I would definitely recommend his services. It was a very good experience all the way around.

I was on the interstate and I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic at a complete stop. Another car lost control of their vehicle and hit my car.

I would recommend Mike Hancock because the help he gave me at a time that I needed it most is something I can never be able to give enough thanks to him for. I was concerned about my health and my long-term treatments. Every time I talked to him and he said: “Sherry, you need to do what is going to help you get better and I’ll worry about everything else.” He’s just a very special person that has a very warm caring feeling about him and that is very important.

Our goal is to protect our community and the way we’ve been able to do that is by assembling a team that is strong, smart, compassionate, and focused on obtaining the best result for our clients. We’ve got the experience, we’ve got the expertise, we specialize in nothing but personal injury and wrongful death claims. But, what we also bring to the table is a commitment to absolutely make sure that our clients are taken care of each and every step through the process.