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I’m Michael Scott Alan. This is my wife Tamara and I work construction. I was standing on a wall and a crane company dropped a trust on me and knocked me backwards onto the slab on my head and shoulder.

Mike had the knowledge to get involved, to give us a better specialist of that kind, and not just go the path that, you know, my insurance company said. Another thing, from my point of view, is that with a brain injury, he would do things that I didn’t know were safe. Should we do this, you know, what is this going to, yes, hurt the case, but what about him, you know, what about Scott?

So, with my anxiety levels, I was, you know, freaked out and Mike was just so good to me. And Claire, too. Mike and Claire. I mean, they were very good to us. The whole staff was, actually. They babied me in a way, but that babying, but, making sure that my questions were answered so I could tend more to him and worry less about some of this other stuff.