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Hi, I’m Mike Hancock of the Hancock law firm. Periodically, you’ll be hearing from me and some of my friends in the Carrollwood community who are specialists in their respective fields.  We’re going to be sharing some videos from my law firm and from some of my friends who are in the Carrollwood community about legal issues and other issues that might be interesting to you. Enjoy the video!

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Hello, I’m John Erb. I’d like to tell you a few things about your car that you should make sure are in good condition before you go on any kind of trip. Make sure your tires are in good condition by checking the tread depth and also the age of the tire. The age of the tire can be determined by a state code that’s stamped on the tire and it might be on an inside edge of the tire. Let me show you right here. This is a date code 2315. That would be the twenty-third week of 2015, so this is a nice fresh tire since we’re in October of 2015.

Another thing that I would like you to have checked out is any kind of leaks that might be underneath your car. You might not even have spots showing up. Coolant could be leaking from your water pump and it’ll leave a stain that could be observed by a mechanic probably underneath the car or putting it on a lift. I don’t recommend people working on their cooling systems themselves because they could get burned.

Another way that you can make sure you’re going to have a safe trip is to have your car checked for oil leaks, coolant leaks, and have a brake inspection done. Make sure that your brakes are gonna take you where you’re going and bring you back home safely.

Another very important thing is your headlights. Headlights are getting sunburned because the lenses are made out of plastic. We can refinish them or you can have them replaced and restore your original brand new car visibility at night.

Also, brake lights, make sure your brake lights are working. You get a $75 fine for one bulb being out, so have your brakes inspected, all your lights inspected, and your windshield wipers.

Come to a good shop and have somebody look it over like it’s going on a trip with their mom in it. If you have any automotive-related questions for a trip or just for staying in town in a safe car, come see John Erb of John Erb Service Center.