What is Uninsured Motorist Insurance and Why it is SO Important in Florida

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
What is Uninsured Motorist Insurance and Why it is SO Important in Florida


I am Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys and I want to answer the question: “what is uninsured motorist coverage?

In Florida, uninsured motorist coverage, also include something known as underinsured Motorist coverage, and whether we’re talking about uninsured or underinsured essentially what that coverage is his coverage that you purchase to protect yourself and your family in case you are hit by someone who has no automobile insurance or not enough automobile insurance. In the situation where the other person who causes the accident has no car insurance that person is known as uninsured, where that person has some but not enough to pay for all of your injuries and damages then that person is known as underinsured.

There was a study that was done in Florida in 2015 that revealed 26.7% of all drivers on the road in Florida are completely uninsured, meaning they don’t have any insurance at all for their car.

So, what does uninsured or underinsured coverage pay for in Florida? What that coverage pays for is medical bills that aren’t paid for by your no-fault or PIP coverage, it pays for future medical expenses that you’re reasonably certain to incur, it pays for any lost wages that you’ve had, it pays for future loss of earning capacity, it is also responsible for paying for your pain your suffering your mental anguish your loss of enjoyment of life the inconvenience the disability and any scarring that you have as a result of an accident.

So that’s a brief explanation of uninsured motorist insurance coverage and what uninsured motorist insurance coverage pays for in Florida.