The Value of an Accident Reconstruction

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
The Value of an Accident Reconstruction

Many accident victims never want to live through the details of their ordeal ever again. This is understandable, as serious accidents are painful and emotionally exhausting. But, there are instances when the details of accidents must be collected and studied. In other words, someone must reconstruct the accident. To this end, the “accident reconstruction” requires specialized experts. The process can have an enormous impact on the value of your case.

In situations where trucks are involved, the complexity of the accident reconstruction process can increase due to the size and nature of the vehicles. If you are involved in such an accident in the Tampa area, consulting with a Tampa car accident lawyer who has experience with these types of cases can be invaluable.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

The phrase is perhaps best understood if thought of an accident as a storybook. Within that book, we’re going to have chapters that describe the: victims in the accident, the cause of the accident, and many technical components of the accident. Now, imagine holding this accident book in a breezy field. Rip every single page out and let the wind carry the pages in every direction. If you then had to hire someone to find every single of those pages and put them back together in chronological order, you’d need an accident reconstruction expert. See, it’s simple right?

The above is simplified, but accident reconstruction is the process of experts using physics and scientific principles to re-enact the way an accident occurred. Accident reconstruction experts have proven skills with forensic mapping, crash simulation, and 3D animation. Lawyers and experts can use the process in any accident case. Yet, most complex cases use accident reconstruction.

Why Use Accident Reconstruction?

There are two main reasons. The first is that the process reveals valuable evidence about a given accident. Within reconstruction, experts determine: the speeds of any vehicles involved in a collision, where and how certain impacts occurred, and much more. All this equates to important evidence that only further helps personal injury lawyers.

Reconstruction is also important because it tells a story. In other words, reconstruction experts generate data. With the help of technology, they can display this data using charts, graphs, photographs, and computer animations. The use of any one of these can help tell a judge or jury the story behind an accident. Reconstruction can show- and not just inform -of how and why an accident occurred.

Why Is Accident Reconstruction Valuable To A Case?

The main source of value ties back to the fact that the process provides evidence. Some of this – like speeds and weather conditions – we’ve covered. Experts then analyze this evidence. Personal injury attorneys help provide further evidence on such topics as accident cause, fault, and automobile failures. As a result, these lawyers would have a difficult job trying to determine the same information about a case if there’s a lack of reconstruction experts. The evidence the reconstruction process generates helps parties clarify the most important components of accident cases.

If you are injured in an accident, then it’s important that you hire a personal injury attorney with the resources to hire an accident reconstruction expert to help advance your case. Hancock Injury Attorneys have the experience and resources to generate legal results that matter. We have a skilled team to gather and reconstruct evidence to ensure effective representation. Contact a personal injury lawyer now at Hancock Injury Attorneys for your free consultation.