Tampa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

You suffered a jarring back injury. Maybe it is manifesting in muscle tightness or weakness. Maybe it is an extreme bruise. But, if the result of the accident was actually a spinal cord injury, it can have life-altering effects. Spinal cord injuries can be dangerous because symptoms often do not appear right away. If you were recently in an accident, you may not notice a severe neck or back injury until it is too late. This is why it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately after any severe accident to get the treatment you need.

Along with you receiving the appropriate medical care, you should think about taking legal action with the help of an experienced catastrophic injury attorney. If someone else is responsible for your accident, you could hold them accountable and recover the financial compensation that you need to rest, recover, and secure your future. Do not hesitate to call a Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer to learn how Hancock Injury Attorneys could help you.

What Are The Characteristics And Consequences Of Spinal Cord Injuries In Tampa?

A spinal cord injury can happen as a result of blunt force trauma to the neck or back or damage to any part of the spinal column. These types of accidents often lead to loss of sensory responses, motor skills, and reflexes. A spinal cord injury may be considered complete or incomplete depending on whether the signals from the brain can reach certain parts of your body.

Harm to the upper vertebrae of the spine could potentially lead to total body paralysis below the neck. Conversely, damage to the lower region of the spinal column may only impact the lower body. If you are recovering from a severe neck or back injury, consider talking to a local attorney to figure out how you could recover damages for your losses.

How Can A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Help You With Your Case?

Accidents that cause spinal cord injuries normally are more complicated than the average case. In addition, the medical costs will most likely be significantly higher. By hiring a lawyer to represent you for your spinal cord injury you will be able to pursue all the compensation you deserve. Some ways a lawyer can help include:

  • Investigating Your Accident – an attorney and their team will take time to uncover any and all evidence related to the case to make sure any party who is liable for your injuries is pursued.
  • Documenting Current and Future Losses – these losses include monetary losses, medical expenses, time loss, and future earning potential loss.
  • Negotiating a Fair Settlement or Take Your Case to Trial- a good attorney will make sure you don’t just accept the first settlement over as it is rarely what you deserve. We are here to know the value of your case and fight for it whether that is reached through a settlement or a trial.

What Is The Difference Between A Settlement And A Trial?

After an accident, you may take legal action through a settlement or a lawsuit. Settlements involve negotiating with the opposing party out of court, while a lawsuit consists of going to trial.

When negotiating with the at-fault party out of court, you can send settlement offers and counteroffers until you come to an agreement. By accepting a settlement, you negate the need for a trial.

The time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit is four years after the date of the accident, with some exceptions in cases where the victim discovers the damages later. In a typical trial general, a jury or court may award compensatory, or actual, damages for losses and injuries resulting from the opposing party’s negligent conduct.

A plaintiff may recover punitive damages in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct. To find out what damages may be available to you after sustaining a spinal cord injury, scheduling a meeting with a skilled lawyer.

A Tampa Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Could Fight To Protect Your Rights

Spinal cord injuries can have severe effects that can become worse over time. If your injury was caused by the actions of another person, you could obtain compensation.

The aftermath of suffering a spinal cord injury will be a challenging time for you and your family. You may be at a loss with how to proceed. Our Tampa spinal cord injury attorneys can help. We can give you the advice and counsel you need to move forward. Consulting with a Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer could improve your chances of succeeding in court or settlement negotiations.

Spinal cord injuries may be difficult to recognize, but you should avoid waiting too long before seeking medical help and filing a claim for damages. Working with a Tampa spinal cord accident lawyer may be the most effective way to protect your right to pursue damages for your injuries. Call our office to learn more about your rights and prepare for your case or click the button below to schedule your free consultation button today.

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