Road Rage Accidents in Tampa

September 28, 2023 | By Mike Hancock
Road Rage Accidents in Tampa

Road Rage is continuing to rise among US drivers according to a recent study conducted by AAA. According to the study, four out of every five drivers admit to driving angry or aggressively at one time or another. The study also estimated that over half of drivers, 104 million, tailgate other cars on purpose. We consider taking cases concerning road rage accident accidents in Tampa only when there is ALSO a car accident involved.

Other Surprising Statistics:

  • 95 million people admit to yelling at other drivers
  • 91 million people say that they “angry honk” their horn
  • 67 million make angry gestures
  • 24 million prevent another vehicle from changing lanes
  • However, for these more dangerous behaviors the stats are much lower (thank goodness):
  • 6 million people have confronted another driver
  • 7 million people have hit another car on purpose.

In the study, it was found that age and gender do play a major role in whether or not one has had moments of road rage. If a driver is male and/or ages 18-39, they are more likely to exhibit road rage behind the wheel. Fortunately for us Floridians, north easterners are more likely to honk, yell or gesture at other drivers compared to drivers in other parts of the country.

We agree with AAA on how to handle bad driving situations. The Director of Research at AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, Jurek Grabowski says, “Assume that it’s not personal. Inconsiderate driving, bad traffic and the daily stresses of life can transform minor frustrations into dangerous road rage. If someone crosses you, just take a deep breath and cool it.”

Protect Your Rights And Prevent Road Rage

As a driver yourself, avoiding behaviors such as cutting a driver off, making someone else slow down or changing lanes without signaling will help you avoid getting into a road rage incident, or worse from getting a road rage injury. Also, if a situation ever escalates to a level which you feel your safety is at risk, call 911 immediately. AAA surveyed 2700 drivers, ages 16 and up. You can go to the AAA website for some great resources on how to avoid aggressive behavior while driving. If you and another vehicle have been involved in a road rage accident in Tampa, our dedicated attorneys may be able to help. Call right away to learn more.

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