Tampa Accident Causing Amputation

The lives of amputee victims have improved and will likely continue to improve due to everything that doctors have learned while treating soldiers who lost limbs during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. If you have lost a limb in a car wreck or other accident, you can benefit from new surgical techniques and prosthetic designs.

At Hancock Injury Attorneys, our lawyers represent people who suffer amputations due to someone else’s negligence. Our goal is to help our clients recover enough compensation to receive the best medical care for the loss they have suffered.

Tampa Accident Causing Amputation - Hancock Injury Attorneys

An amputation is a devastating loss, both physically and emotionally. While your life will change after an amputation, your recovery form a personal injury lawsuit can help make that life as good as possible. Our lawyers will seek compensation for damages such as:

  • Pain and suffering related to the loss
  • Medical treatment and prosthetics
  • Future medical care related to the amputation
  • Improved prosthetics as they become available
  • Counseling to help overcome the physiological and emotional impact of an amputation
  • Lost wages and future loss of earning capacity

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