Motorcycle Accidents

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Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Retain Compensation for the Lasting Impact of a Motorcycle Crash

Nearly 8,000 people are injured or killed in a motorcycle accident each year in Florida. Many accidents are caused by a careless or inattentive driver who was violating a traffic law or simply failed to spot the motorcyclist until too late.

At the personal injury law firm Hancock Injury Attorneys, we know that Tampa motorcycle accident victims are at a disadvantage in many ways. Injuries are often severe if not fatal, the victims are often blamed and the laws are different for motorcycles than they are for automobiles.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ’s

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Tampa attorney Mike Hancock brings 27-plus years of experience in personal injury litigation, including many verdicts and settlements for motorcycle accidents.

  • He is knowledgeable about the causes of motorcycle crashes and has the resources to bring in professional investigators when there is any dispute about who was at fault.
  • He is familiar with common injuries in motorcycle accidents and works closely with medical providers, economists and other professionals to detail the hardships and future needs in pursuit of full compensation.
  • He understands the unique insurance issues and Florida laws pertaining to motorcycles and how they factor into your personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.
  • He has helped families recover wrongful death damages for the financial losses and emotional aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident.

Even when a motorcycle accident causes brain injury or other catastrophic harm, you cannot count on the insurance company to offer fair damages. Mike Hancock formerly worked in insurance defense. He can anticipate and counter the tactics insurers will use to limit your compensation, from the fine print of insurance policies to attempts to portray the motorcyclist as reckless.

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