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There’s a lot to know about Florida car accidents. Perhaps the most surprising is just how common they really are. The Sunshine State typically sees around a quarter-million car crashes every year, many of them serious or fatal, and those numbers are on the rise.

The overwhelming majority of these crashes could have been prevented if other drivers behaved more carefully. Driver negligence is the leading cause of automobile accidents in Florida. Speeding, behind-the-wheel fatigue, drunk driving, and distracted driving (texting while driving) are all enormous problems that safety experts have yet to solve.

Victims of car accidents in Tampa are entitled to monetary compensation for their losses, which may go well beyond any damage done to the vehicles themselves.

Injured parties can seek reimbursement for their medical expenses, hospital bills, time away from work, pain, anguish, emotional suffering, the cost of any ongoing care, the loss of a loved one’s life, and other damages that can be reasonably shown to have arisen from the crash.

At Hancock Injury Attorneys, we have more than twenty-five years of experience in helping accident victims throughout Central Florida and beyond. Our experienced Tampa car accident attorneys will take a stand for your rights, employ effective strategies on your behalf, and fight hard to recover every last dollar you deserve.

Car Accident FAQ’s 

Most Common Car Accident & Injury FAQ’s

How We Maximize Compensation for Car Accidents  

If you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident in Florida, don’t be surprised if an insurance representative gives you a call. Often, they’ll ask you questions in the hopes that you’ll accidentally say something against your interest, and they may even offer you a monetary settlement in the hopes that you’ll take it before you talk to a lawyer.

Be careful what you say to insurance representatives. Never accept a settlement offer without consulting an experienced attorney first. Insurance companies are not on your side (even if it’s your own insurance company), and their primary goal is to minimize their own financial liability.

If you are involved in a car accident in Florida, you will almost certainly have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. It’s required as part of the Florida No-Fault Law. Your PIP insurance is almost always limited to a maximum of $10,000.00. The basic idea behind Florida’s No-Fault Law when it was first enacted in the 1970s was to make sure everyone involved in a car accident had immediate access to $10,000.00 worth of insurance to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and household services, without having to wait for the at fault driver’s insurance company to agree to pay. Your PIP policy pays 80% of reasonable and necessary medical bills, 60% of lost wages, and 100% of replacement household services, up to its $10,000.00 policy limits. The at fault driver’s bodily injury liability insurance policy is responsible for paying all of the damages that your PIP doesn’t pay for, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and mental suffering.

At Hancock Injury Attorneys, we understand that the full value of your claim may extend well beyond the policy limits and lowball estimates that insurers typically insist on. Insurance companies may not care about the long-term effects of your accident or the impact it has on your quality of life, but we do.

With decades of experience, a reputation for aggressive representation, and valuable relationships with experts in car crash investigations, our Tampa car accident attorneys can often make a compelling case that you’re entitled to more under the law.

Studies show that, on average, insurance companies pay out almost triple the amount of money in cases where the victim is represented by an experienced auto accident attorney.

You may have many options for compensation above and beyond your PIP policy. We can pursue those for you.

Common Types of Auto Accidents in Tampa

As experienced Tampa auto accident attorneys, we understand that no two auto crashes are quite alike. Different types of accidents transpire in different ways, and the specific facts and circumstances of each crash can become very important during settlement negotiations and trials.

Our talented legal team has extensive experience with many types of car accidents in Tampa, including:

We are also experienced with accidents involving vehicles other than the traditional automobile or sedan. These include:

car accidents

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