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Grace Hancock

Grace Hancock

Grace Hancock

Content Marketing Specialist • Florida State University, B.A. in English

Favorite food? Italian!

Although I only joined Hancock Injury Attorneys in 2021, I practically grew up with the firm! If my last name didn’t already give it away, I’m the youngest daughter of Mike and Claire Hancock, attorneys and partners of the firm. I may not be a lawyer like my parents, but I’m proud to be part of “the family business.” And, although I’m not related to each member of Team Hancock, everyone feels like family!

As Content Marketing Specialist, I’m responsible for, amongst other things, maintaining the Hancock Injury Attorneys’ Google Business Profiles. This helps us be more visible in online searches. I also develop, research, and pitch article ideas that are relevant to the firm’s website and edit existing articles on the website to ensure that visitors are getting the most up-to-date personal injury law-related content.

Like my father and grandfather, I’m a proud Tampa native. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and grabbing drinks with my friends. My hobbies include writing, painting, and jewelry making.

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