Our Lawyer Referral and Co-Counsel Program

Stronger Together: Work With Us

In our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier legal services to individuals across the nation and our esteemed legal colleagues, Hancock Injury Attorneys proudly presents our Lawyer Referral and Co-Counsel Program.

A substantial portion of our caseload derives from respected fellow attorneys who recognize the value of collaborative legal partnerships. 

  • Case Referrals: We welcome referrals from law firms in search of assigning cases that demand the essential resources, knowledge, and experience required to secure the best possible outcome for the plaintiff. 
  • Co-Counsel Arrangements: Our firm is readily available to contribute to the joint representation of clients in various capacities. This can range from analytical and strategic consultations to actively presenting a case in the courtroom. Co-counsel relationships prove advantageous for both the client and attorney, providing enhanced resources without compromising their involvement in the case. 

At Hancock Injury Attorneys, we recognize the power of collaboration and its potential to achieve remarkable results in the legal field. If you're seeking a trusted partner for your legal endeavors, we're here to support you. 

Contact us to explore how we can work together effectively to serve the best interests of our clients and uphold the highest standards of the legal profession. Hancock Injury Attorneys is your go-to connection for exceptional legal support and client care. 

Why Choose Hancock Injury Attorneys?

  • A Record of Success: With years of experience, our team focuses on personal injury law. We have a proven track record of securing maximum compensation for our clients.
  • Collaborative Approach: We believe in synergy. We work hand-in-hand with referring attorneys, amplifying our collective strengths for successful outcomes.
  • Client-Centered Focus: Our commitment to clients is unwavering. We prioritize their well-being, ensuring they receive the best possible legal representation. 

Our Office Locations

Our primary offices are located in Tampa at 1317 West Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33612. You can reach us by phone at the Tampa office at (813) 915-1110. We have an additional office in Wesley Chapel at 2224 Ashley Oaks Circle, Suite 102-E, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544. Call the Wesley Chapel office at (813) 537-6927. We serve clients in Tampa, Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel, and throughout central Florida.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Enhanced Reputation: Collaborate with Hancock Injury Attorneys to bolster your professional image and expand your reach.
  • Geographic Knowledge: Our offices are based in Tampa, Florida, and we serve the surrounding communities including Spring Hill and Wesley Chapel. We know the laws and courts in central Florida. If you have a client from our area, we can help you find your way.
  • Efficient Process: Streamline your case management by working with us. Our efficient legal team ensures smooth operations. You will have the advantage of our resources.
  • Generous Referral Fees: We value your trust. Enjoy competitive referral fees for the cases you send our way.

How We Can Work Together

  • Referrals: Send us personal injury cases, and we'll take it from there. We'll handle the legal complexities while keeping you informed.
  • Consultations: Our team is available for joint consultations to explore case strategies and best practices.
  • Education: We're dedicated to knowledge sharing. Our webinars and resources will keep you updated on personal injury law trends.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Connect With Us

Are you ready to build a formidable legal collaboration? Contact Hancock Injury Attorneys today, and let's elevate the standard of personal injury representation together.