Injured in a Bar Fight, Can You Sue? – Hancock Injury Attorneys

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Injured in a Bar Fight, Can You Sue? – Hancock Injury Attorneys

In Florida, tourists and locals flock to bars and nightclubs when the sun goes down. The nightlife in Florida is exceptionally popular, which makes a large majority of these public venues overcrowded. While most bar goers are just trying to have a good time, there are some who drink too much and start trouble. For this reason, fights are not uncommon in these Florida establishments. Those involved in these fights – and even innocent bystanders – can encounter serious injuries from bar fights. These injuries could include facial lacerations, broken limbs, and even traumatic brain injuries.

Those injured in bar fights may have a legal basis for a personal injury claim against the assailant as well as the bar owner or bar staff. But, not all bar fights result in personal injury claims.

Determining Responsibility

When you are injured during a bar fight, you will need to determine who was responsible for that fight to collect damages. Some damages you may encounter include medical costs, hospital bills, medicines, lost wages, or even permanent disability. This all depends on the severity of your injuries. The underlying circumstances of the bar altercation and how the owner or their employees responded will determine liability.

Florida’s premises liability laws are explained under Statute 83.51. According to the law, landlords and property owners have an obligation to maintain their premises and are responsible for any injuries that occur on them.

Bar patrons, for example, are invitees under the legal doctrine. As invitees of the establishment, these patrons have the legal right to stay safe from harm or injury while on the premises. This includes the bar, the parking lot areas, and any other property that the bar owner legally presides over. But, it is important to note, that not all injuries on the bar property automatically result in a claim against the bar owner.

Under the statute, bar owners must do everything within reason to ensure safe property for their invitees. The law is unclear on what is “reasonable;” instead the law must weigh the instance of injury to determine if the bar owner did or did not do everything that was “reasonably” possible to protect the invitee from harm.

To prove premises liability, the injured invitee must prove that the bar owner could foresee the potential injury and did nothing to prevent it. For example, the bar is located in a high-crime area. Thus, the bar is more likely to have bar fights and other altercations on the property. The bar owner knows that the preponderance of fights is higher for their property, but they fail to hire security or an adequate amount of security personnel to prevent this. In this case, the owner is guilty of negligent security and is liable for any injuries, since they knew the risks and failed to take action.

Proving An Injury Claim After A Bar Fight

The plaintiff must prove that the attacker or bar owner caused their injuries. Proving the liability of an attacker is much simpler than placing blame on the bar owner. To succeed with a negligent security or premise liability claim, a plaintiff must prove:

  1. The bar owner had a legal obligation to protect invitees from injury or harm
  2. That the bar owner could foresee the potential injury that occurred
  3. The bar owner breached their duty of care by not taking action to prevent that injury
  4. The bar owner’s breach of duty resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries and losses

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