What to Remember After a Hurricane in Florida

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
What to Remember After a Hurricane in Florida

Florida residents are all too familiar with the destruction that  hurricanes can bring. All too often, the property damage resulting from hurricanes creates a financial and emotional burden for home and business owners.

Even if you take the necessary steps to protect your property, you could still end up with will some type of damage when a hurricane strikes. If your business or house is damaged, you must take these steps to help make certain that your insurance claim is handled properly and promptly.

Document Everything

When taking pictures and videos, start outside. Make sure to get the entire house in all shots, including all four sides and most of the roof if possible. Take pictures of the entire yard as well. Start with wider shots of your yard and then move in closer to take pictures in more detail.

Once inside your house, take pictures of all the rooms and individual items inside the rooms. A photographic record of your property damage is vital evidence for an insurance claim. Make sure to keep a written list of all damaged property and label the photos as well.

Protect Your Damaged Property After The Hurricane

After you have documented the damage to your property, shield what you can with some type of sturdy covering to prevent further damage. Keep in mind that the insurance provider will try to find any reason to avoid paying out proper compensation. For example, they could claim your property sustained more damage because you failed to protect it and undervalue or deny your claim.

File Your Claim Promptly

Insurance companies need policyholders to file their claims as soon as possible after a natural disaster. Thus it is crucial that you keep a list and photos of the damage and file your insurance claim right away. Unlike other natural disasters, hurricanes present unique coverage issues. It’s imperative that you understand how your insurance coverage applies to damage resulting from:

  • The storm itself, which includes damage from heavy rain, high winds, fallen trees, and flying debris.
  • Storm surge and flooding after a hurricane, can result in more damage to interiors, outdoor structures, cars, vehicles, pools, and boats, among others.
  • Vandalism and thievery, which aren’t covered by some policies.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are out to protect their own interests. As such, they deny claims or reduce the claimant’s compensation. This often leaves thousands of home and business owners who have consistently paid their insurance premiums without the money they need to rebuild their properties.

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