Hip Injury Pain After an Accident: What it Could Mean

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Hip Injury Pain After an Accident: What it Could Mean

After a car accident, your body might have suffered trauma, even if you do not see any immediate injuries. However, the shock of the impact can cause residual effects to your body, including injury to one or both hips. If a recent accident has left you with a hip injury and you don’t know what to do moving forward, then keep reading. Because in this article, we explain hip injuries and how to address them.

If you're dealing with such injuries in Tampa, consulting a Tampa car accident lawyer can be crucial for understanding your legal options and ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Symptoms Of Hip Injury Pain After An Accident

Your hips carry much of your body’s weight. Hip injury pain symptoms after a car accident can vary greatly. They might include, but are not limited to, generalized intense pain; difficulty moving; pain in the back, groin, or legs; pinched nerves in the lower back; limping; throbbing pain in the upper legs and knee pain. Additional injuries might include hip dislocation or even a fracture and stress fractures. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, do not delay treatment as you might be able to avoid serious repercussions by receiving prompt treatment. However, pain or other symptoms might not always show up immediately. Even so, your pain could warrant emergency care to minimize long-term damage.

Physical Explanation For Hip Injuries

The hip joint does not contain much fluid, so trauma to the area impacts it quite severely. Fluids or blood might inflame the region, which causes pain. In addition, the inflammation of the hip can also cause the sciatic nerves to swell as a result. Pain might be felt at the secondary site although it originates from the primary site of the hips.

Addressing Hip Pain Injuries

Car accidents can result in a hip injury due to trauma to the body. While you might recognize that your knee was injured due to slamming into the dashboard, the jarring can also cause misalignment to the entire body. A broken hip bone or related injuries can result in significant pain and take a long time to heal. A lengthy healing time might also mean significant medical expenses in addition to time off work. Muscle swelling and weakness can further delay healing.

One consideration related to hip fractures includes the possibility of a subsequent break due to the increased likelihood of stress to an already weakened bone. The insurance company realizes this, but they might not tell you about the higher risk you face for future injuries. You need to consider this before you agree to a settlement, especially if the claims adjuster is trying to pressure you into settling.

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