Do I Need An Attorney to Help Me with My Car Accident Claim?

September 28, 2023 | By Mike Hancock
Do I Need An Attorney to Help Me with My Car Accident Claim?

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Hi I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys and today I’m here to answer a question that my clients frequently ask, “Do I need an attorney to help me with my personal injury claim?”

I get questions like that from clients who have had minor collision and minor injuries all the way to clients who have had substantial and catastrophic injuries. Most think that the insurance companies will end up doing the right thing and there is no real need to hire an attorney to represent them. So here is how I would answer this, I use to represent insurance companies for about 8 years, the first 8 years of my practice, I worked for two different law firms. One 15 lawyer law firm and one 25 lawyer law firm and what we did is we were retained by insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Travelers and Geico and many others to represent their insureds when they were sued in personal injury claims. And based upon those 8 years of my representing insurance companies in personal injury claims and wrongful death claim, I can tell you for certain, that the insurance adjuster’s goal is to pay you the least amount of money possible and the way they are definitely going to do that is by having you convinced that you don’t need an attorney.

So, there are many times that I meet with clients here in my office and there are many times I end up telling them, for your particular case you really don’t need an attorney, there is really nothing I can do for you and there is nothing more I’m going to be able to do for you that you can’t do on your own. But, what I would suggest to you is this: If you have a personal injury claim, give me call, let’s go over the facts, and I will tell you, give you my honest opinion on whether or not you need an attorney. Whether one would benefit you in the long run.

I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys if you have any more questions, contact me right away.

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People involved in serious accidents experience loss and often don’t know what to do next. Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Mike Hancock has dedicated his career to handling the recovery process for his clients so that their lives can get back to normal.

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