Can I Get Surveillance Footage of My Truck Accident

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Can I Get Surveillance Footage of My Truck Accident

Semi-truck crashes can cause severe injuries. As a result, accident victims often need compensation from the at-fault truck drivers and trucking companies.

To get compensation for your losses, you will need to prove the liability of the other parties. Doing so requires you to present sufficient evidence of negligence or wrongdoing.

Evidence in truck crash cases can be complicated, technical, and difficult to get. One critical type of evidence, if available, is video surveillance footage. An experienced Tampa truck accident lawyer may be able to get this evidence for you and present it to insurance companies to prove your claim.

The Different Types Of Surveillance Footage

There are different types of video evidence that you can use to prove the negligence of a truck driver. They include footage from dashcams, traffic or security cameras, and cell phones.

Each type of surveillance footage can catch a different angle of your truck accident. They can work either toward or against your favor depending on how clearly the video shows your truck accident.

Dashcam Video

Many commercial vehicles have dashcams installed that record what happens when a truck is in motion. A dashcam might be aimed in front of the truck, at the truck driver, or both. Dashcam footage might show how the collision happened and/or the driver’s specific conduct right before the crash, such as looking at a cell phone or another distraction.

Traffic or Security Cameras

These days, there are surveillance cameras everywhere, including on traffic signs, intersections, parking lots, business premises, and more. If a camera was mounted near the accident scene, it likely caught what happened on video, which may help you tell your story and help prove the truck driver’s errors.

Cell Phone Footage

People are good at whipping out their cell phones quickly to video things that happen around them. If a witness saw a truck out of control or otherwise about to cause a crash, they might have caught it on their cell phone camera.

When an insurance adjuster or jury sees a video of what happened, it is almost impossible for the trucking company to refute it. This is why video footage is often some of the strongest evidence available for truck accident victims.

Getting The Evidence

Getting dashcam footage of the truck that crashed into you may be more challenging, as it is in the trucking company’s possession. When you hire a truck accident lawyer, they can send a notice to the trucking company demanding that the company preserve all evidence you might use in your claim.

Getting help from an attorney immediately after a crash can help you get the video surveillance evidence you need to prove your case. But there is no guarantee in any case that you’ll be able to get the footage.

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