Boating Safety Knowledge Needs Desperate Attention

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Boating Safety Knowledge Needs Desperate Attention

There Is A SEVERE Lack In Boating SafetyKnowledge

When you type “Boating Accident” into Google search, countless stories come up, that unfortunately happened all in the past month. From this search it is simple to see that boating accidents are way too common and a lot of them could stem from a simple lack in boating safety knowledge. Here are just some of the headlines and stories:

“Person in serious condition after boating accident in St. Albans”-Boat crashed into barge.

“Maryland man cited for OUI after boating accident near Fenwick Island”-Drinking and boating.

“Arrangements announced for Mt. Washington couple killed in boating accident”-Speed boat accident

“Two people sought in Tellico Lake boating accident”-Boaters struck wakeboarder and left the scene.

“Man missing after Klamath boating accident”-Boats capsized due to strong current.

“4 injured in boating accident on Pineview Reservoir”-Boat lodged into a rock wall, alcohol suspected.

“KFDM learns new details about fatal boating accident on Lake Sam Rayburn”-Boat either hit a small island or another vessel in limited availability, still unknown.

“Candlelight vigil to recall Torrance teen killed in boating accident”-The teen flew out of a tube while tubing and was lodged into a tree after the boat driver made a quick turn.

“Child killed in weekend boating accident near Stump Pass Marina”-7-year-old child killed after falling overboard onto propellers.

“Two hurt in early-morning boating accident near Gandy Bridge”– The boat was suspected to have hit a sandbar.

“Boating accident: Country singer Craig Morgan’s son found dead” –The 19-year-old son of Craig Morgan died after never resurfacing from a tubing accident.

Could These Have Been Prevented?

While not all of these accidents could have been prevented by following best boating practices, majority of them could have.

Drinking while boating, is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Drinking is a common suspect in many of the above stories.

Passenger safety is also a common theme in these stories. When you have a passenger who is tubing, water skiing or simply on the boat, it is important that they have the correct safety gear on and are sitting in a safe location while the boat is in motion. If they are tubing or doing another activity that is connected to the boat, it is important that the driver doesn’t make any swift turns or movements that might cause injury to the person they are towing.

If you are operating a boat in low light, it is crucial to drive slower than normal. It is also important to have the proper lighting onboard. Also be aware of your surroundings and stay in marked channels to avoid hitting barriers.

Hancock Injury Attorneys has more tips on crucial boating safety knowledge that anyone who plans to drive or ride in a boat should read.