Boating Accidents & Wrongful Death

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
Boating Accidents & Wrongful Death

During the summer, you can see boats out all over the bay. In Florida, they are widely used in all types of conditions. All this to say, it’s not crazy to think that a boat accident can be just as dangerous as a car accident. Boats also do not come equipped with safety features that cars have such as brakes, seat belts, and airbags. So potentially they are even more dangerous than cars.

In one recent case, the family of a man killed in a boat crash claimed that another man was not paying attention when he plowed into a stationary bat. A total of three people were killed.

Avoiding Accidents In The Water

Most boating accidents, like car accidents, are avoidable. Some key tips include:

  • Making sure the driver is sober, just like when in a car
  • Following speed limits
  • Staying in the designated channel markers
  • Following the wake restriction signs
  • Boating only when weather permits
    • this includes checking wind speeds, tide times, and wave heights
  • Watching out for other boats that may not be paying attention themselves
  • Knowing boating laws
  • Putting boat lights on in bad weather or dark conditions

In the case mentioned above, the defendant’s boat was moving while the plaintiff’s was stationary. Boating lawsrequire the moving boat to yield to the stationary boat.

Elements Of A Wrongful DeathBoating Accident

In a case that involves a watercraft and wrongful death, there are three main components that have to hold true for the case to be successful:

  • The actual death of a human
  • Death caused by negligence, or intent to harm
  • Family members who are alive suffer economically as a result of the death

Source: FindLaw

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