Who Is Responsible for Paying For Medical Bills After a Slip & Fall Accident?


Hi, I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys. I know that one of your biggest concerns after being injured in a slip and fall, or trip and fall, or premises liability type of accident is: who is going to pay for my medical bills. Well, quite simply the business where you were injured will have a policy of insurance known as a commercial general liability policy that will have coverage on it to pay for your medical bills. That same coverage will also pay for your lost wages and pain and suffering. But for right now I know your biggest concern is who is going to pay for my medical bills. The one thing you need to realize is that the policy only pays for medical bills if we can prove that they are negligent.

We have the burden to prove that the business’ negligence caused you to fall or caused you to be injured in that business. What we do for our clients in slip and fall and premises liability cases is we identify all of the insurance policies that may provide coverage, and then we help prove that the business’ negligence was what caused you to be injured. It’s only then that the insurance policy and the insurance company that provides the policy will agree to pay for your hospital or medical bills that we have been able to successfully prove. That business, such as Publix, Walmart, Target, or Home Depot, has been negligent in the way they have conducted their business that has resulted in our clients being injured. We’ve done that for many years.

I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys said if you want any help with your slip and fall or premises liability case please give me a call at 813-915-1110.