Who is At-Fault in a Multi-Car Accident? 


Hi I’m Mike Hancock and today I want to answer the question “who’s at fault in a multi-car collision.”

Frequently we have situations rise where our clients are involved in accidents involving more than one other vehicle. We’ve had a recent case as a matter of fact with poor blackstone involving a total of 10 vehicles and but in the most usual case most common case what we have is a multi-vehicle rear-end collision so there might be anywhere from three four five cars kind of all piling up one on top of each other rear end collisions and one of our clients comes to us and says hey we were either the front vehicle or the second vehicle involved I was at a complete stop and there were three other vehicles behind me they all hit each other and I got hit by the car behind me so who do we look at who’s at fault in a situation like that we really have to do an investigation into finding out the cause of the collision the cause of you actually having somebody crash into the rear of your car that could happen with more than one person being negligent as a matter of fact you could have come to a stop behind somebody and the person behind you might have not stopped in time rear-ended you and then got rear-ended by someone behind them who then pushed that vehicle into you also so in a situation like that it’s not just the person that we look at that was behind you to be at fault but we look at all the vehicles behind you to determine the exact sequence and cause of why you actually got rear-ended and sometimes it can be more than one person other times if you know you came to a stop and two other vehicles came to a stop behind you and it was that last vehicle that actually hit the other car so hard that it pushed everybody into the back view sometimes that can mean that the only person that is responsible would be that very last car however there are times where we have a legal theory that if someone came to a stop too close behind you and then got rear-ended by someone there is a legal theory that they were also negligent by failing to maintain a reasonable distance when they came to a stop behind you so it gets a little bit difficult to figure out but that’s why we investigate these claims to find out everybody that might have had some negligence involved in causing the crash and causing your injury and damages.

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