What to Expect From your Attorney During Your Personal Injury Case


Hi, I’m Mike Hancock, and I want  to answer the question today: “How often should my attorney be communicating  with me regarding my personal injury claim?”

Well, first, before you even hire an attorney,  you should be meeting with the attorney who will be handling your case until the very end.  That’s important because the attorney is going to be the one to be able to analyze the  facts of your case and provide you legal advice as to what the value of your case is, what  all the different legal claims you can make, legally what you are entitled to recover. It’s important for an attorney to be doing that, and not only just any attorney, but the attorney who  will be handling your case. Do not settle on just calling into some advertising law firm’s call  center and having someone on the other end of the phone who’s not an attorney take information  from you, and then at some point in the future you will be contacted by the “law firm” and you’ll  be contacted by a paralegal, and it may be months before you actually speak with an attorney.

So, what can you expect from communication with me and other people here at Hancock  Injury Attorneys? Well, when you call in, you’re going to speak with a paralegal, and if  this is a claim that is within our expertise, you will talk with me and I will have a  conversation with you, either by Zoom or FaceTime, telephone or in person, and we’ll sit down  for forty-five minutes to sometimes an hour and fifteen minutes to discuss every single aspect  of your claim. Once we decide that this is a case that our expertise can provide benefit  to you and we accept your case, then at that point you and I will be speaking  probably – I’ll probably be speaking with you at least twice within the first few weeks,  and then at regular intervals after that.

During that same time, you will be speaking  weekly, if not daily, for a period of time with the paralegal assigned to your case. If  it’s a car accident, to help you with your car repair, your rental, help you find  doctors that are appropriate to treat you, and to answer any questions that you  have. And you’re going to have a lot of questions. Our clients have typically never  been involved in a claim; they don’t know what the process is; they don’t know what they are  entitled to, and because of that, you need an attorney and you need a law firm that makes  the client’s needs the priority of the law firm. That is what we have done and that basically,  my marching orders to everyone here at the law firm is that our client’s needs come first.

So  you’ll be speaking on a regular basis with me, you’ll be speaking on a more even  regular basis with your paralegal, and we’ll be speaking with each other  enough that I’m going to know you by name; I’m going to know your voice; you’re going to know  me by name, and by the end of the case, I expect, as with the vast majority of my clients,  that we end up treating each other like family. And we have, even though I never want to  see you again as a personal injury client, and I hope that you are never  involved in any subsequent injuries, the majority of my clients end up at some point  in the future giving me a call and saying: “Hey, I have a family member or a friend or a coworker  that has been involved in an accident and I gave them your name.”

So, that’s what you can expect  from me, that’s what you can expect from my law firm. And if you have a personal injury  claim right now and you are being represented by an attorney who’s not treating you this  way, then Florida law gives you the right to discharge your attorney for any reason you  want. If you have any questions regarding this or any other legal matter that you’re involved  in, please give me a call, I’ll be happy to get on the phone and discuss it with you.  Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys at 813-915-1110.