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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Injury Lawsuit

damaged samsung phone

The news of the huge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall isn’t new. However the repercussions from that recall are starting to show. This includes a few personal injury lawsuits and a class action lawsuit citing economic losses against Samsung.

A man from Florida is suing the South Korean company for his injuries caused by the Note 7. He suffered severe burns after the phone exploded in his front pocket. The phone burned through his pants and caused severe damage on his right leg. There are 26 other reports of burn injuries, so this one lawsuit is likely not to be the last one regarding personal injury.

In the class action lawsuit, Samsung is being sued because plaintiffs allege thatSamsung mismanaged the initial recall, offered confusing instructions to customers, and took too long replace potentially dangerous devices. According to Rich McCune, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, “Samsung has agreed to recall and reimburse the cost of the device, but their customers have had to continue to pay on their data and voice plans during the time they had to make their device inoperative until they received their replacement device, that is the loss that the case is focused on.” Customers were having to pay for a service they couldn’t even do.