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Since 1996, Mike Hancock has earned an undisputed track record of success by obtaining millions of dollars for accident victims and their families from insurance companies and corporate defendants.

Our track record of success has also enabled our attorneys to be selective of those cases we take, which allows us time and resources to work every aspect of the case and develop a personal connection.  We are proud that a substantial number of our new cases come from prior clients or the families and friends of prior clients.

  • We focus on putting more money in your pocket. We don’t charge a “file set-up fee” nor do we charge our clients unnamed and unspecified “administrative costs.” We are careful with advanced costs associated with your case and work hard to keep those costs to a minimum.
  • Our experience doesn’t cost you more. For the same contingency fee percentage as hiring that less experienced lawyer, with hiring Mike Hancock, you get over 25 years of personal injury law experience with an AV-Preeminent attorney. It’s all the same contingency fee percentage.
  • Our track record has earned extraordinary weight and respect with insurance companies and defense attorneys, which helps yield better and faster results than law firms with lesser reputations. The insurance companies rate attorneys who face them and those attorneys with a long track record of success get better results for their clients – whether your case goes to trial or is settled quickly.  Our track record of winning large verdicts and settlements benefits our clients.
  • We save you time so you can focus on healing and getting on with your life. We deal with the insurance adjusters, doctor’s offices, medical billing offices and all the other time consuming things necessary to prepare your case.
  • Unlike most large personal injury law firms, you won’t meet with a legal assistant or an investigator, employees of those firms who are unlicensed to practice law. You will meet with, be advised on Florida law, and be represented by AV-Preeminent rated attorney Mike Hancock.
  • You benefit from our investigative team of accident reconstructionists, economists, engineers, vocational rehabilitation experts, medical experts and nursing experts. We are a small, unique personal injury law firm, but we have the financial resources to fully present your damages using as many experts as needed.
  • You have the benefit of a former insurance defense attorney working for you.  Mike Hancock knows the tricks and tactics that the insurance company’s adjusters and defense lawyers use to get out of paying you all the money to which you are entitled to.
  • Mike Hancock is a second generation Tampa native, now raising his family where his parents raised him. Mike is tied to our community, a leader in local charitable organizations, and he works to make Tampa a safe place for all our families.
  • Case consultations are always free and conducted at the client’s convenience, including any time on week days or weekends, on the phone, at the client’s home, or by email.
  • We only win if our clients win – 100% of our cases are taken on a contingency fee. This means we only get compensated when we obtain a monetary recovery for you.  We never take upfront fees or retainers. We advance all costs related to your case and do not hold you responsible for those costs if we do not obtain a successful outcome for your case.

Going the Extra Mile: Our Client-Centered Approach

We know our client on a first-name basis – and our clients know us. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will answer your questions, make recommendations and provide you with a free, confidential evaluation of your injury claim, all without obligation to use our legal services.

  • We believe in protecting our community. We make our community a safer place by holding those negligent accountable for the safety rules they break and the harms and losses they cause.
  • We are compassionate and caring.  We have a family, too.  When you contact us,  Mike Hancock will personally speak with you on the phone or answer your questions by e-mail. After that, if you decide to proceed, you will personally meet with Mike to further discuss your claim.  You will be listened to, your questions answered and we will and take as much time as necessary to answer them all.
  • We are smart. We know that we simply can’t bully our way into results by shouting “we are aggressive” or “we are tenacious.” Insurance companies and the attorneys they hire aren’t impressed with such advertising or slogans. Investigation is important. Preparation is necessary. Strategy is critical. Experience counts. With more than 40 years of combined experience on both sides of personal injury claims, Mike Hancock and Claire Hancock know how to successfully achieve justice in your personal injury, wrongful death and insurance claims.
  • We are strong. Our record of success is known throughout Florida. Our opponents know who we are and take us seriously. They know that we go into every case with the goal of achieving justice and holding the negligent parties and their insurance companies accountable for the harms and losses they inflict, and achieving nothing less than full compensation for our clients.

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