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We pride ourselves on results for you that happen quickly. We start on our clients’ cases immediately because we know that seriously injured people who are losing time from work and incurring medical bills do not need an overburdened lawyer who lets their case sit.  At Hancock Injury Attorneys, we do just the opposite.  The speed and diligence with which we begin to work on your case will be apparent from your first phone call to our office.

  • Having defended many insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm and The Travelers, along with several Fortune 500 companies, Mike Hancock learned the insurance companies’ tricks-of-the-trade and secrets to the inner workings of how they defend and evaluate injury cases. He also experienced firsthand the delay tactics used to wrongly prolong your case. With this experience, we keep pressure on the insurance companies and insurance defense attorneys to do the right thing within a timely period.
  • And remember, we don’t get paid until you do – 100% of our cases are taken on a contingency fee. This means we only get compensated when we obtain a monetary recovery for you. We never take upfront fees or retainers. So we have the incentive to move your case quickly. Further, we advance all costs related to your case and do not hold you responsible for those costs if we do not obtain a successful outcome for your case.
  • Due to our high staffing ratio, every case gets immediate personal attention.  That personal attention is directed at not only getting the largest monetary result possible, but also getting it in the shortest time period possible.
  • We also enlist the help of the courts to move our clients’ cases along quickly. When properly presented, courts are very open to motions to advance cases for early trial dates. We have made such motions successfully in many cases over the years.
  • We use the latest technology, allowing us to more efficiently and effectively represent our clients through trial. In the appropriate case, when we go to trial or mediation, we prepare highly advanced animations and presentations. Throughout the years, we have learned that such presentations are extremely effective and help juries and mediators visualize the circumstances of each individual case. Furthermore, our networked software allows each member of our team to easily find and access case documents, allowing us to serve our clients more efficiently.

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